Tim Crowder - the list could be narrowing

Not just one of the best defensive ends in the country, but rated as one of the best players, Crowder is getting attention from everyone. He has a lot of schools to think about, but he does have his mind set on at least, some schools for now.

Crowder Profile

Tim Crowder (6-5, 228, 4.6) Tyler, TX. (John Tyler) - Some experts have said he's the best they have seen. Some have said that the NFL isn't a possibility, but a surety when it comes to Tim's ability. Lofty praise is being handed out for this athletic Texas standout, so most eyes are pointing right at him, wondering what this season has in store. Most of those eyes include no less than twenty teams that have offered Crowder a scholarship to play for their schools. Crowder describes his quickness as the reason for his success and though his 40 speed is impressive, it isn't enough to satisfy Tim. "I've been working a lot on my speed and my quickness. I run about a 4.6 now, but want to get that a little lower." Any lower and people are going to be calling him Jevon Kearse part Deux.

As you might expect, Crowder considers that formidable quickness the strength to his game and his overall effectiveness. "I like to use my quickness on the edge", Crowder said. "I basically look for his weakness and if they are not coming with nothing, it's going to be an easy game." Confidence is certainly a trait for Crowder, but it isn't over confidence as he knows that there are some linemen out there that can play. "If they come with a punch (against me), it's going to be a tussle, but there aren't many like that around."

You can combine Crowder's obvious intensity with his versatility as well. Not wanting to be pigeon-holed into any one type of defensive set, Tim finds that his ability to just about everything makes him that much more of a force. "I can do both (stop the run and pass), because that is how we scheme", Crowder said. "I think my coach said I had about 100 tackles and maybe 10 sacks, so I try to get it done anyway I can." With those numbers, versatility isn't a question, it's obvious.

Crowder isn't in any hurry to make his decision about where he wants to attend college. Add to that, that unlike most players, he doesn't care about weather, what there is to do, winning tradition or what have you. He wants to play football. As for the teams that he has been considering the most? Actually, most of them, but he has his only official visit scheduled thus for for the University of Nebraska (Dec. 13th -15th) and is looking at some other teams to schedule sometime soon. Crowder stated that Nebraska is a probable for his top five, but you can add Arkansas into that mix along with Oklahoma as he says that all three of these are "neck and neck". Much of it will go on how much those teams want him though Crowder stated, so he's throwing the ball back in the court of those schools that want him the most.

And who wouldn't?

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