Elvis Fisher: Good-old-Fashioned biggun!

Elvis Fisher is a lineman's lineman. That is to say, he gets up to the line and pretty much the only thing he's thinking about is just exactly who is getting crushed or how many he can crush in a single play. He's a first-rate slobber knocker, down-and-dirty, living and lovin' the trenches. And schools all over are lovin' him as well.

At 6 foot, 5 inches and 310 pounds, that's not bad in the size department for a freshman offensive lineman in college football. The reported 5.2/40 only makes this guy even more attractive. And what can St. Petersburg Catholic lineman Elvis Fisher to add, making him look even better?

How about an intemperate disposition?

Yeah, that's a neat way of putting something all good linemen feel, and it just happens to take place the second they step on that field. This is where the fun really starts.

"I just love dominating people and knocking the crap out of them," Fisher said. "Whether it's pulling or just blocking straight forward, there's nothing like being able to plant someone right on their back."

For most players, they can recall one, perhaps two plays in their prep careers, where they hit someone the way they really wanted to hit someone. For Fisher, he had too many to name. But a couple situations, which prompted many of those hits came to mind: We have this play called the "34 Cross", where I go one way and the lineman on the other side goes the other way," Elvis said. "And it works every time, because I will come over and the defensive tackle will come up and he never sees me coming."

That's when the fun really begins for Fisher.

"It's just one of those things, you know it's there, you know it's coming and you think to yourself ‘I got you', and man, there's nothing like it. There is nothing like being able to nail this guy even before he knows you are there."

Fisher takes his satisfaction where he can get it, and often, that doesn't always happen on the field. Playing 2A football in Florida, with 6A being the largest classification, Fisher doesn't see a lot of players even close to his size. In fact, Fisher could only think of one player off the top of his head, who was even within an inch and 40 pounds of himself.

With that in mind, Fisher finds ways to get out there and face the best, which is something he's done over the last couple of years. It's combines, and whatever ones he can attend, expect to find him there.

"I like the competition and going against guys just as big as you are," Elvis said. "I love dominating my guy, but there's nothing better than dominating someone who could beat you if you aren't careful."

A couple of years ago, Fisher got to do that as a sophomore at the University of Nebraska. The inspiration for the place was Elvis' grandfather, who got a degree from there, but from the University of Michigan as well. The invitation to actually camp at Nebraska was a surprise, but it didn't take long before Fisher knew if he would make up there or not. "My grandpa saw that from Nebraska and he said ‘You're going', so I went."

Since that time Nebraska's contact has been expectedly sporadic due to the rules, but over the early part of this year, Fisher has seen a little more of the Huskers as time has went on. "I know coach "E" was down here not long ago and I talked to him tonight," Fisher said of calling defensive back coach Phil Elmassian Tuesday evening. "He's a really nice guy and it seems like they are really interested in me."

There's no offer, though, at least not yet, but part of that came from what is referred to as technical difficulties. Or, in this case, a bad tape. "Coach said that the tape wouldn't play, so they need to get another one from me before they can offer," Fisher said. "Coach "E" said that if he had his way, I would have one right now, but I know everything has to go through the head coach first."

"When he sees it, then hopefully that offer will come."

It's obvious that Fisher likes Nebraska, but there are a lot of other schools he's particularly fond of at this point. And you don't have to look any farther than one team which, if they offered, might be hard to beat. Fisher says otherwise, adamant about taking everything into account, but there's no denying what you have grown up with your whole life.

"Hey, I grew up a Florida guy, so yeah, I like Florida," Elvis said. "It's not real far from here. I know someone on the team and the coaches seem really nice. But the most important thing for me right now is to get bigger, stronger and faster, and have the best year of my career."

As it stands, Fisher currently has offers from Southern Florida, Central Florida, Florida International, along with Wake Forest, West Virginia, Maryland, Missouri and Duke. There are also plenty of schools continuing to increase their attention toward Fisher, who could soon follow suit.

What Elvis hopes to do, at least while he has some time over the off-season, is once again set out for some camps, so he can get to see campuses, know coaches and oh yes, go against some of the best bigguns from around the country. "I think I might make it to Nebraska again, and I'd really like to go to South Carolina, Michigan, Clemson and Florida," he said. "It's just a way to get to know everyone a bit better and see everything for myself."

"Plus, I love combines, because it gives me a chance to strap on the pads again and take on some pretty darn good players."

"That's the best part about the whole deal."

Spoken like a typical football player, but more than that, a typical player, who loves life in the trenches. And Fisher said when it comes to where he's playing in the future, location means zip, weather has no bearing and the offensive system really isn't a huge part of the process.

He wants to hit. That's what he does. That's what he loves to do, and against the best players possible.

"There's nothing like it, there really isn't," he said. "I work really hard in the weight room, because when I hit a guy, I want him to know he's been hit. It's like the best feeling in the world, when you get to really unload on someone."

"And to do that against some of the best, that's what every player wants. That just makes you better in the long run."

Fisher currently has a 3.1 GPA and is awaiting the results of his ACT

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