Unique relationship between coach and recruit

Coaches can see a number of different schools in their career. In this particular instance, a Nebraska coach was at UNLV when a recruit's father was playing at UNLV. Very unique situation. Like father, like son. This running back is one of the fastest players in the state of California and that is saying something. He isn't moving very fast right now, but he will be back.

Avery Horn isn't moving very fast right now. The running back from Hanford (Calif.) has been nursing an injury stemming from track. It isn't easy to watch your team out there practicing, getting reps. Horn knows that this is temporary and that he will be back.

"I'm not doing anything," Horn said. "I am just chilling at football practice, just watching. I am injured right now and I can't practice. I pulled my hamstring. It was about 2 weeks ago in track."

The track season was technically over before it was actually over. An injury struck short a very good track year for Horn. "I am done running track. I ran back to back 10.5s. That was my fastest time. I tried to run again to qualify and I ended up pulling my hamstring again. I didn't give it enough time."

Despite the injury the coaches of some of the best football teams in the nation have been coming to Hanford to see Horn. "The college coaches are still coming out to see me. Man, there's been a lot of coaches that have been here. Oregon, Michigan, Washington, Fresno State, Nebraska and some others have been here to see me."

The offers started out with just a couple. Through part of the evaluation period though he has picked up his third. "I've had offers from Nebraska and Fresno State up to a couple of weeks ago. A couple of weeks ago though I got an offer from Oregon. I am up to three offers."

The rest of the spring and the summer are a bit unknown now for Horn. He has made it to one combine and had a very good performance. "I don't know. I might take some visits. I am not sure if I will make to anymore camps or combines. I've been to the Nike combine. I got third overall. I think that I did well in my vertical and my 40. I jumped 35" and ran a 4.5."

It is very early in the process, but Horn admitted that he is thinking about two schools more than the others. "Right now I'd say, who I think about the most, is Oregon and Michigan right now. Fresno State is there a little bit. I think about Nebraska too. The two schools that I really think about the most are Oregon and Michigan."

Horn is getting a lot of attention from Nebraska. Their interest is evident in their conversations. "Coach Dennis Wagner is recruiting me from Nebraska. He has been telling that they want me a lot. He also said that they are getting better. He also told me that he knows my dad."

This is a very special situation for father, son and I am sure coach. While there are always "friends" that have their son recruited by someone that they know, in this case it is a father's former coach now recruiting his son. "I guess Coach Wagner was at UNLV and that is where my dad went."

While Nebraska doesn't show up in Horn's top two right now, he downplayed Nebraska's absence. "Yeah, I think that I will take an official out there (to Nebraska). I don't want you to think that there's something wrong with them because I do like them. There's just a couple of other schools that I am thinking about more than Nebraska."

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