"The Beast" has been dreaming about Lincoln

It isn't very often that you hear someone so excited about wanting to get to work, but Brandon Johnson is pumped. This past season at Compton has been a journey. This season was for the doubters. The haters. Brandon gets the last laugh. Division one football is around the corner. He won. He succeeded.

I don't think that anyone would think that Brandon Johnson was nicknamed "The Beast" if they were talking to him on the telephone. Then you get to see Johnson on film and he reminds you of a young Warren Sapp. Johnson is set to get his associates from Compton in the coming weeks.

"I am in California," Johnson said. "We graduate June 9. We get to walk through June 9. I wasn't here for the winter session. But, I have been here all of spring."

The song goes "California Dreamin'", but Johnson is going through the dyslexic version. He is out in California thinking about the Midwest. How much has he been looking forward to getting to Lincoln?

"I dream about it every night. I dream about every night. I am not going to lie to you."

Johnson won't be wasting any time in Compton after graduation either. He will be walking through on the 9th. Shortly after that he plans to be in Lincoln? How much is shortly after?

"I will probably be in Lincoln on June 10. I go through graduation on the 9th and will leave for Lincoln on the 10th."

Fans worry about junior college players that can't enroll until summer, but Johnson isn't one that you should be worrying about. This season has been a mission. A division one offer was the goal. He won't show up out of shape. He doesn't want to blow this opportunity.

"I have been working out with Compton, doing spring ball. I am in pretty good shape. I have been doing a lot of running, weight lifting and cardio. I am coming in pretty good condition."

"I have been doing a lot of bag drills and I have been working out with the running backs getting quicker feet. I have been doing running back drills. I have been going at it, man."

A player that Johnson knows a little about is Pasadena (Calif.) C.C. tackle, Gerald Parker. Johnson confirmed to Big Red Report what they had suspected. That was that Parker has a Nebraska offer and is favoring Nebraska, heavily.

"Yeah, I think that I know Gerald Parker. He's a real tall guy. I know who he is. When I had talked to him he said that Nebraska had offered and that he was going to try and get out there too."

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