Work increases as arrival to Lincoln looms

Every football player works out anymore. It's not so much an off-season as it is a separate season from the one you are trying to prepare for. That's the road Seth Jensen is on, with a couple of obstacles, Jensen still rehabbing a shoulder and a knee. He's on schedule, though, and is looking forward to his arrival in Lincoln, which is right around the corner.

In a couple of weeks Seth Jensen will be in Lincoln. Slated to arrive the Saturday after this one up-coming, he'll no doubt be one of the first future Huskers to arrive. And after a mandatory two-day waiting period, Jensen will then be able to work out with the team.

That's something he can't wait to do

"I work out three hours a night," Jensen said. "I'm in the gym all the time, working on different muscle groups every night."

Jensen has had to take it easy to a certain extent, because he's still rehabbing from knee and shoulder surgery a couple of months back. But according to Jensen, that is more than on schedule. He's now running a mile-a-day, working individual muscle groups an hour and a half at a time, and basically just chomping at the bit to get into Husker land officially.

"The closer it gets, the more excited you get, but once I get there, it's back to work," he said. "Guys like Adam Carriker and Jay Moore, I was talking to Craig Roark and he said that these guys are focused, study hard and they don't go out and party."

"For me, that's great, because I am there for two things: First, my education and second, I'm there to play football."

Both senior rush ends are impressive students, but impressive athletes as well. As has been noted since the start of spring, Carriker especially has taken his fitness and physical stature to a new level.

Not long ago as a freshman, Carriker arrived weighing just over 240 pounds. Now he's just five pounds short of 300. But he's faster than he's ever been, stronger than he's ever been, and his future in his last year for the big red, and his subsequent career in the NFL – it's looking bright indeed.

Seth sees that and knows that during his first year at Nebraska, Carriker is someone he's going to get to know well. "I idolize Carriker a lot, because he's where I want to be," Jensen said. "You look at how far he's come, that's what I want to do by the time I am in my fourth or fifth year."

One of the biggest differences between the two, when it comes to their appearance as a freshman, obviously has to do with size. Carriker came in at 6 foot, 6 inches and a little over 240 pounds. Jensen is 6 foot, 4 inches, and just four pounds shy of 290. What will dictate just how much bigger he gets, will have a lot to do with just which position he'll play. Right now it looks like two.

"Coach Blake said I will be playing both the three and the five," Jensen said of playing defensive tackle along with the "Open" end. "On running plays they will stick me in the middle and on passing plays, they will stick me on the outside, so I can just pin it back and go get it."

When Seth is able to do that is a question that will probably not have an answer until maybe midway into the fall practices. While the outside certainly looks stacked at this point, the defensive tackle position could be ripe for some time, senior Barry Cryer the only experienced player back at that position. Backing him up is Ty Steinkuhler, moved over this last spring from defensive end.

It doesn't matter to Jensen. Line him up, let him go and see what happens. That's the way he likes it and no matter where he lines up, it will never change what he hopes to accomplish in the end. "I'm going there to play," Jensen said. "When I was in high school, I had a goal of wanting to make it to college and I made it. Now that I am in college, I want to make it to the NFL."

"Another, of course, is just being able to get out there just as soon as I possibly can. You don't go to sit. You go to play. That's what I plan to do."

After Jensen moves in, he won't have to wait long for the work to start, but this will be in the classroom. He's scheduled to arrive next Saturday and his classes start at the beginning of the following week. And he'll also have a roommate over the summer when fellow defensive lineman Mike Smith arrives.

After that? That's when the next season begins.

Call it just another day at the office for today's prep athlete, who is heading to the collegiate level. Call it the homestretch to the beginning of his next career. Call it about anything you want, but don't call it an off-season.

An off-season? What in the heck is that? "That's what you have to do if you want to get to where you want to be," Seth said of the work you have to put in to succeed. "If you want to do better at the next level, you have to be willing to do what it takes."

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