Big Texas DT holding Nebraska offer

Size and speed is the name of the game for this defensive tackle. He is a compact, thick line prospect with good speed. Holding eight offers from all over the nation he might be more inclined to stay a little closer to home. However, there could be some factors in him possibly choosing to leave home.

Go deep into the heart of Texas to find Ahmad Jones. Silsbee (Texas) is clear down in Southeast Texas. Last year, Ahmad Jones led Silsbee to a very good year and a playoff birth. Despite not knowing his individual stats they were good enough for a pair of all-district honors.

"Silsbee is about 15 miles from Beaumont," Jones said. "It's way down in Southeast Texas. We were 9-1. We lost in the first round. We're 3A. I don't know what I got as far as tackles and sacks. I won all-district as an offensive tackle and as a defensive tackle."

Jones' ability to play both sides of the ball have some very good football programs coming to Silsbee to see him. "I am getting looked at to play both right now. I have offers from LSU, Florida, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Missouri, Houston, UTEP, and TCU. Some teams are recruiting me to play both sides of the ball."

Jones strengths on offense are evident because of the Silsbee offense. "When I am on offense it's my strength, power, quickness, agility and I can get my hands on you. I am a better run-blocker. That's all that we do. We run about the whole game."

While Jones is exceptional on offense he might prefer to play defense at the next level. "On defense I have some speed for my size. I also have that power that you need. I can see myself playing defense in college. Most coaches that are talking to me tell me that I am big, I am powerful and that I have speed."

"I have been wanting to play defense since I was young. I think that I could play both in college. If you are going to put me there I am going to play. I would rather play defense. I like to put my hat on people."

Out of the eight offers Jones has a top five. The top five may not have a lot to do with his criteria right now though. There is a big factor of distance that his parents would like him to look at so they can watch him play on Saturdays.

"I have a top five. They are Oklahoma State, LSU, Florida, Nebraska and TCU. I am looking mostly at their team. Their team leaders. I am looking for a family environment. A team that is close. Also I am going to be looking for an education. Also, if they are close to home."

"I want my parents to be able to come see me play. My parents want me to be close. Florida and Nebraska aren't too far away. LSU is a good three or four hours from here and Nebraska is like 15 hours. Only way I might go somewhere further away would to have some people there. My parents want me to stay close and LSU might be a good choice for me."

Despite the distance factor, Nebraska has been in their consistent pursuit of Jones. "Coach Randy Jordan is recruiting me from Nebraska. He's nice. He's really funny. He trips me out. He just text messaged me not too long ago. I am definitely going to visit them. I will be there in October. I will probably go up and watch them play Texas."

Don expect Jones to make an early decision. He is anticipating taking some visits and then making a decision. He will trip to Lincoln before his decision. "I will take some visits this fall and then make a decision. Most of the schools want me to come up and take a visit. I won't make a decision until I go see Nebraska."

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