The one he's been waiting on

Jared Crick has quietly been becoming one of the best players in the state of Nebraska. He picked up early offers from two Big 12 schools and then another from a MAC school. But, yesterday was the day that Crick was waiting for. An offer unrepentantly showed up from Nebraska. It caught Crick off-guard, but he was more than happy to get it.

The evaluation period has been one of recognition for Jared Crick. The college coaches have been out to Cozad (Nebr.) to see one of the top defensive ends in the area. Crick, 6-foot-5.5 and 250 pounds, couldn't have said it better about the current time.

"Yeah, a lot of stuff has been happening," Crick said. "It's been wild."

A couple of offers had already found their way into Crick's hands before the evaluation period began. Now, he is sitting on four. The fourth came just yesterday. It was a lucky number four for Crick.

"I got one from Ohio about a month ago and I got one from Nebraska yesterday. I had Kansas and Iowa State before that. I have four total."

The offer was, well, unexpected. It's not that Crick doesn't believe that he couldn't go to Nebraska. It was that he had thought that going to camp might yield an offer. He didn't have to wait that long.

"My high school coach called me and said that Coach Jay Norvell called him and asked about me. Coach Norvell said that they were going to offer. My coach called me and said that I had an offer from Nebraska."

"I just said 'Are you serious?'. He told me to call Coach Norvell and that he just called. I called Coach Norvell and he said that I could come to Nebraska and be a Cornhusker."

Like so many others, it has been a dream for Crick to get this offer. "Oh yeah. I think that it is about every Nebraska kid's dream to go to Nebraska to play for the Huskers. I really wasn't expecting it this early."

"I had been getting offers from Kansas and Iowa State so I was thinking that I didn't know if Nebraska was really going to want me. It was real exciting getting an offer from them. They are one of the top football programs in the nation. It was a real honor to get one from Nebraska. I have been wanting to go there. It's pretty exciting getting an offer like that."

Despite having the offer from Nebraska, Crick will take the time to go see Iowa State, Kansas, and Nebraska this summer for camps. The offer means a lot, but it doesn't end the process right now.

"It doesn't really change too much. I was really expecting to go to their camp anyway and take a visit there. Now that I have an offer that if I like it I can actually commit to them. I won't have to wait and see what they want. I think that I am going to camp on the 15th or 17th. I don't know, I have the Iowa State, Kansas and Nebraska camps in a three day span. I am just doing one days at each."

Crick has been told that he could play a few different positions at Nebraska. Nebraska doesn't even know which position best suits Crick. Crick does believe that he would prefer one of the positions over the other two and backed it up by stating his strengths.

"They said that I can either play tight end, defensive end or defensive tackle. They don't know yet. I like defensive end. At tight end you get the glory for touchdown passes, but I like to hit people. I think that I have a better chance of getting more sacks than at tackle where you get the double-team. I think that I have a better chance off of the edge and one on one with the tackle. I think that would work best for me in college."

"I am pretty good at keeping the tackle on his toes. I will go inside one play, I'll push him around, I'll go around him or I will straight bull-rush him. I just like to keep them guessing. I am pretty good at bull-rushing, getting outside and beating them to the ball. I am just quicker than the tackles."

Crick admitted that the thought has come through his mind to continue being a team mate of Dreu Young. Young, a walk-on, will be joining Nebraska in the fall as a similar athlete who could play tight end or defensive end. "Dreu and I are great friends. It's exciting. We talk about it quite a bit. Him being a walk on, he always gives me crap for not getting an offer yet. I just said 'Dude, it will come.'. Sure enough it has. Now I get to give him crap."

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