Latest offer for Dooley comes from the Big 12

Papillion La Vista lineman Kyle Dooley hasn't had to wait around for an offer. He's a couple for some time now. But it's been a slow time and the recruiting seemed to be fading to an extent. Not anymore. With an offer coming this last week from TCU, it picked back up and yesterday, it picked up a little more, as Dooley got his first offer from a team in the Big 12.

While there is still some hubbub being made about some of the Nebraska standouts not getting offers from the Huskers, there's a few who don't have to worry about wondering if they didn't get that, what would they get at all.

Papillion La Vista offensive lineman Kyle Dooley already had two a few weeks ago, coming from Arizona State and Colorado State. Over the last week, he's added a couple of more. TCU offered earlier this week and now Iowa State joins the mix. That's good, because for some time, Dooley said the recruiting really died down.

"It was really steady for awhile and then it just dropped off," Kyle said of the recruiting attention. "This last week, though, it's started to pick up again."

That's all good for any high school athlete, the more choices, the merrier they are. And Dooley is already in the process of checking the schools out, having been to Colorado State, with plans to make it down to Tempe to see the Sun Devils.

Now with the most recent offers, Dooley has plans to camp at TCU on the 21st, attend a one-day camp at Iowa State and just this next week, he'll head off for a camp at the University of Iowa.

What's Kyle's reaction to the once again increased recruiting? Well, he keeps it pretty simple: "I like it. I mean, it's good," Dooley said. "I'm just looking around and seeing what I can."

Kyle did say that currently, Arizona State might have an edge over the rest of the pack, but don't rule out Iowa if they come through with an offer after he attends their camp.

Kyle isn't in a hurry, though, because he wants to check out all these places himself, get to know all the coaches and then make up his mind. When will that happen? You know how it goes: It will happen when it happens. "I'm just taking it in," Kyle said of the recruiting. "I've got some good choices, so we'll see how everything goes."

Dooley said that Wyoming is also showing a lot of interest lately.

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