Current commit could be visiting Nebraska

For Husker fans it's probably a sore subject, but it's one that has benefited them as much as it seems to have cost them in recent years: It's the commit, who decides to look around. It's painful when it goes against you, but darn nice when it's in your favor. Well, there's a commit who could be looking around right now and guess who one of the schools is he's looking at?

For offensive lineman and current Baylor commit Lonnie Edwards, that's basically what's happened. Since he committed some two to three weeks ago to Baylor head coach Guy Morris, the attention, calls and mail have been coming in. "Yeah, you could say that. I'd say it's picked up a little," Lonnie said of the attention from other schools. "You wonder a little where some of them were before I committed, but I guess it's good that it comes at some point than not at all."

Now don't think that Lonnie committed to Baylor, because at the time they were his only offer. That's not the case as Lonnie said he had offers from schools like Nebraska, LSU, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech, before he pulled the trigger.

He committed for the same reason most kids commit, and you'd be hard pressed to argue: He got along well with the coaches. "I just really hit it off with coach Morris and we have developed a nice relationship," Lonnie said of the third year head coach for the Bears. "I like the program, the people and they are doing a lot better now than they have in a long time."

I don't know about you, but that's good enough for me, and when a kid says that it was the relationships, which sealed the deal, that usually means it's done, finished, time to move onto the next guy.

However, other schools don't quite think like that

In fact, it would seem that the attention is finally starting to follow the offers. "I have talked to coaches from LSU, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Nebraska and, of course, Baylor," Edwards said of phone conversations he's had recently. "I just got done talking to coach (Randy) Jordan from Nebraska and they want me to come up and check them out."

Here's another thing that you might run into, and something Edwards admits he's heard a few times throughout the recruiting process: It's basically that infamous slogan. It's that schtick from a coach, where he tells you that you are the best, you are number one, sliced bread wasn't ever this good and that he could start right away.

While that isn't verbatim some of the stuff Edwards has heard, he's certainly gotten his fair share. That was another reason for why he chose Baylor, but he's becoming more open to other coaches, who might seem like they are equally straight with him. "Coach Morris is just one of those guys you can talk to and you know you are getting it straight, none of that other stuff," Lonnie said. "I know other schools are like that too."

"Coach Jordan said that Nebraska really wanted me, and that I should at least think of taking a look at them this month, if possible."

There are a few schools wanting that; all of those above, plus other teams like Kansas, Missouri and Purdue – all those institutions having offered Lonnie in writing.

The question you might be asking yourself is: How in the world did this kid with so many offers, go so unnoticed for so long?

Good question

At almost 6 foot, 5 inches tall and weighing approx. 315 pounds, this young man has the size. With a bench of over 400 pounds and a clean of 325, this young man has the strength. He's quick off the ball, coaches seem to love his feet and he's got that down-and-dirty-offensive-lineman attitude to boot.

The problem could be that he plays 3A ball in Brownsboro, Texas, not one of your more touted levels within the ultra-touted Mecca, that is high school football in the Lone Star state. Add to that the fact that Lonnie played on a two-win team; that is going to equate to a lot of people simply missing the boat.

Schools didn't necessarily miss, but they didn't quite hit the mark, but now that they are back in force, it has Lonnie thinking about all kinds of things. "It's kind of a difficult decision right now, but I know that regardless of the relationships I have made at this point, I have to think about my future," Lonnie said. "You look at things like what a program is doing, what they are going to do and what kind of impact you can have."

"I don't really know what I am going to do right now. I'm thinking about keeping my options open, but I know Baylor would be a great place to be. I guess I can't really say I have made up my mind either way right now."

While Lonnie couldn't say for certain whether or not he would visit the Huskers this month, he has known plenty about the Huskers for awhile. Not only are some of his immediate family Husker fans, but he even has not-so-immediate relation, who actually played for the big red. "I had a couple of cousins (Larry and Benji Edwards) who played for Nebraska," Lonnie said. "I don't remember when, though. That was before my time."

That may have been, but it's given him some stuff to chew on about the Huskers as he thinks about whether or not he'll make that visit this month. "It would be an honor to be there, because it's Nebraska," he said. "They have a great tradition. They are a powerhouse team and you know it's just a great program."

Lonnie did have similar things to say about LSU as they have become one of the elite teams over the last decade.

Yeah, it's not making it any easier.

But I guess if you are going to have a problem, this one isn't a bad one to have. It's nice to know that you have all these choices of where you can potentially go to school and play ball. Edwards had already made his choice, but it's becoming harder and harder to ignore all the possibilities.

Sometime soon, he hopes to get it all figured out.

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