Huskers a top team for Florida DB

While I personally don't subscribe to the notion that bigger is always better when it comes to cornerbacks, I know that it can certainly help. The only problem with most bigger cornerbacks is flexibility, and the fact that the bigger they are, the less of that they often have. Aaron Henry says that doesn't apply to him and from his offers, you'd say many agree. He's got a little bit of everything.

Six foot tall is by no means a monstrously huge cornerback. But when some of the best cornerbacks to ever play the game have been 5 foot 10, 5 foot 9 and even smaller, it tells you that size can sometimes hurt you, depending on the position you play.

With cornerback, it's nowhere more obvious, because the taller a player gets, the more likely it will be, that they aren't as flexible in the hips as you might like. Granted, in zone coverage, that isn't always a big thing, but in man coverage, it's huge. If you can't back pedal and change direction quickly, you aren't a cornerback. You are a liability.

All of that means little to nothing to Immokalee (Immokalee, FL) standout Aaron Henry. He'd tell you that he has to improve everything he does, but he knows what he does right now isn't too bad. "If I have to man up on someone, I don't think it's much different for me than anything else," Henry said. "I can handle my man."

Many schools agree

With double-digit offers and counting, Henry is fast becoming one of the hotter DB prospects in the entire southeast. But his reach extends far beyond. Along side offers from schools like N.C. State, Ole Miss, Clemson and West Virginia, Henry adds offers from schools as far away as Nebraska, Ohio State and Wisconsin.

The schools missing on this list prompt the inevitable question for Henry, because once one of the big three in Florida offer, it is all over but the crying for those outside the state?

"I hear every single day around here that I am going to Miami," Henry said of the general comments he gets from people in that area, who know him. "Every day they say go to Miami and don't you even think of going to play for the Gators."

What's even funnier about this, is the fact that Henry grew up a fan of Florida State.

Maybe that's irony, but either way, Aaron wanted people to know that even if the offers from any or even all of the aforementioned come, it won't change his mind as to what he's looking for in a school.

"It's more than a name I am looking at," Henry said. "I'm looking at the school itself. I am looking at the coaches and how I relate to them and I am looking at the kind of team it is. If it fits me, it's a good team and I think I have a good chance to be an impact player for them at some point, it's a team I will consider."

While Nebraska has certainly gotten a few players out of the sunshine state, it's always considered a hell of an accomplishment each time they do. To convince a kid to jump over the SEC, ACC, Big East and even Big 10, that takes some doing.

Henry says that what Nebraska has done thus far isn't too bad, because the coach recruiting him does things just the way he likes. "Man, that guy is real. I mean, he is so real," Henry said of Nebraska defensive back's coach Phil Elmassian. "He doesn't mess around. You know exactly what's going on and he gives it to you straight."

"I like him. He's a really good guy."

With the amount of offers he has, Henry said that he's tried to learn the difference between a conversation from a coach and a sales pitch. It's not always easy to tell the difference, he said, but as time goes on, you can start to week out reality from sensationalized fiction.

That's just one of the issues when it comes to choosing a school, but there's one thing he knows he definitely doesn't want to do in college, which is something some players, even the great ones, don't mind a bit.

"If I got to a school and they win a national title, and I didn't have much to do with winning that national title, I don't really think I should be wearing that ring," he said. "So, I don't look at the big time programs who win all the time as the ones that are automatically favorites to me."

"I want to be an impact on a team, help them to get there, so if we get that ring, I know I had something to do with it."

Every single school which has offered him, Henry said all of them are as a DB. That said, Henry's off-season will be to work on not just his defensive skills, but what he does when he's on the other side of the ball.

As a junior, Henry was third on the team in receiving, totaling 227 yards and two touchdowns. Aaron also had an 84 yard kickoff return for a touchdown. As to his bread ‘n butter, he brought down four interceptions and had 34 tackles on the year.

So, his problem isn't what he can do, but trying to figure out where he's going to do it at the next level. "I have no idea how I am going to narrow it down," Aaron said. "All of these schools are great, they compete and I know I would have a good career at any of them. I'm wide open right now, because everyone has just so much to offer. That's the biggest problem right now."

Henry wouldn't commit to a top five, but as to Nebraska, he said that they were definitely amongst his top teams right now.

Henry currently carries a 4.1 GPA

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