MLB latest to get offered by Huskers

Middle linebacker looks good for Nebraska right now, but as we have seen, "right now" means right now. Two weeks into the season, that could change. Not wanting to get caught shorthanded in the future, Nebraska continues to go after linebackers all over the country. The latest to get an offer to play the middle is Granite Bay (California) standout Miles Burris.

It takes something to play the middle linebacker position. You not only have to be thicker than the outside linebackers, but you have to be one of the most cognoscente players on the field. You are for most teams, especially in the 4-3 defense, the quarterback on the field.

That's just how Miles Burris likes it.

"That's where I am at my best, because I know our defense up and down," Miles said. "I like being that guy who calls the plays, sets the defense and then gets his face in there and makes stuff happen."

Burris did plenty of that last year, notching over 90 tackles, forcing and recovering three fumbles and tallying three sacks as well. He does that with a combination of size (6-2, 245 lbs), speed (4.72) and, of course, attitude. "In your face, that's how I like to play," Burris said of his style on defense. "100 percent all the time, never stop, never give up on a play."

"To me, that's just defense. That's how everyone should play the game."

All of these things are good enough to get attention and for three schools thus far, more than good enough to get a written offer. The most recent just came in the mail yesterday, this one from the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Growing up a California kid, Miles doesn't know a ton about the Huskers, but of what he does know, he likes. "It's big time football there. For people in that state, football is life," Burris said. "It's nice to know that a whole state is about nothing but that team. That's pretty special."

It is, but again, this is a California-kid, who could be California-dreamin' in the future. "I'm a big time Cal fan," Miles said. "I've always liked them and they have started showing interest lately."

They are showing the interest, but right now it's the Huskers along with San Diego State and BYU, who have come up with actual offers.

Burris isn't deterred by the fact that the local favorites haven't offered yet, because he'll have a chance to prove himself over the next week. With a one-day camp at Fresno, along with another at Cal, Burris is looking forward to doing what he knows how to do. But just in case he doesn't get that local offer, he's not ready to count anyone out of the equation.

"Right now I'd like to commit before my season starts, because I'd like to avoid the recruiting stuff during my last year," Burris said. "If I don't get that ideal offer, though, I am open to anyone and everyone."

"You never know, I might take a visit to some place like Nebraska and be completely blown away," he continued. "I haven't visited a single school, so right now, I really don't know what I am going to do."

There's little doubt that the west coast teams, especially those in California, have a huge advantage over everyone else right now, and that's with none of the big boys having offered. If they do, anyone outside of the state might as well look someplace else.

If they don't, though, Burris could be a solid candidate to play middle for just about anyone, who needs a hardnosed linebacker, with a hardnosed build. At this point, Miles is entertaining one and all. "Nobody is out right now," he said. "Like I said, I haven't even visited a campus, so schools I might think I'll like, maybe it won't turn out to be the place for me."

"I'm not real sure right now, so I'm keeping it completely open and just seeing how things go."

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