Nebraska pulls in number three!

Recruiting is something. Just when you think you know everything, you realize you know nothing at all. Well, sometimes when you think all the players have been accounted for from the prep ranks, another one comes along, like the most recent commit DeAndre West. West has company now, as a young man offered just two days ago said he was done recruiting. Nebraska was where he wanted to be.

It's no secret that Nebraska needs defensive linemen for the future. With the entire starting defensive line graduating after this year, bodies have to be found for the future.

Nebraska found one, but not just any old body. It was a rough-tough-self-described-trash-talking-game-loving biggun by the name of Demetrious Davis, a 6 foot, 4 inch, 285 pound defensive tackle from St. Joseph, Missouri.

Two days ago he didn't even have an offer from Nebraska

Now? He's a Husker

"It feels so good to be a Husker, baby," Davis said. "I have been dreaming about being a Husker my entire life."

You'd expect to hear that from an in-state kid, but not someone from Missouri. And certainly not from someone, who had offers from schools like Missouri, of course, but Colorado, Kansas, Kansas State, and even Arkansas, Alabama and Iowa.

That's a helluva list, but they weren't Nebraska. So, when the Huskers did offer him a scholarship, Demetrious didn't waste any time as he visited the next day and he walked out a Husker. "The whole place was great. It was just awesome," Demetrious said. "The facilities are going to be crazy, but the coaches, man, that's the reason I knew it was the place for me."

Defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove was recruiting Davis, but Demetrious got a chance to see nearly every single coach on the staff. One particular coach, who left an immediate impression was his position coach for the future. And it was one particular comment that he made, which said to Davis, this is where you need to be.

"Coach (John) Blake said that if I didn't want to go in the first round of the NFL Draft, he didn't even want me there," Davis said of the defensive line coach. "He was great, coach Cosgrove was great and coach (Bill) Callahan was awesome. They all know how to make you feel like you are right at home."

You want to talk awesome? How about Davis' actual game. Demetrious describes it is a little bit of crazy, throw in some smack and add a generous helping of size, strength and quickness off the ball.

He'd call that his strengths, but based on 70 tackles last year as a junior, which include 12 for loss and four sacks, along with four forced fumbles and a couple of pass deflections, most teams he faces would simply call them the results of being a major pain in their rear. Add to that a reported 4.9/40 and a 420 bench, he's not a pain, he's a nightmare.

That's how he likes it

"I'm talking trash all the time out there, because I want to get in their heads," Davis said. "I'm a little crazy when it's game time. I get off the ball quick, I know how to rush the passer and I can get to the sides pretty fast."

There's no doubt Nebraska needed a player like this. With Ola Dagunduro and Barry Cryer both going into their senior year, they needed big bodies to replace them. What's probably the most refreshing thing fans will find in Davis was that he really didn't know what the depth chart was like. "I don't care about stuff like that, because you have to fight no matter where you go," he said. "I cared about the place feeling like it was a place I needed to be and that it was a little like home."

"Nebraska was it. It felt exactly the way I hoped it would. I knew after leaving there, that's where I had to be."

Davis said that the coaches are looking at him as they do Barry Cryer; playing the 3-technique at defensive tackle. But he said that they have also said he could find himself at another position if they feel they need. "Basically, they told me I could be anywhere on that line and that's fine with me, because I know I can play wherever," Davis said. "For me, I think I can do it all, so just put me on the field. I will get out there and make some plays."

To some this decision could be one made based on emotion. A commit so quickly after a visit is sometimes considered not necessarily the best thing. The fact that the only schools he's visited thus far are Kansas and Kansas State, that's another reason some might worry as to just how solid he is.

Davis would tell you, though, that his connection to the Huskers and what he felt when he was there was more than enough to seal the deal. He says that recruiting is officially done. "One of my good friends played for Nebraska," Davis said of former Husker great and current Carolina Panther Mike Rucker. "He doesn't know I committed yet, but I know he'll be happy when he finds out."

"He'll be happy I am going to be a Husker. I know I am. There's no place else I want to be."

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