Another DT could visit Lincoln in August

Nebraska may have recently gotten a commit from a defensive tackle, but with their two starting defensive tackles leaving after this year, they probably have to get at least one more. One of those possibilities could be Westlake high (Westlake Village,CA) DT, Tyrone Duncan. He's big, fast, quick and he talks about just what kind of chance the Huskers have to get him.

At 6 foot, 3 inches and almost 300 pounds, Tryone Duncan may just be that "typical" DT.

He's got the size to be a run-stopper, but his reported 5.0/40 make him a threat at getting up field. As a junior, with one of his main teammates on the line out, Duncan said that there was a lot of pressure to do it all. That suited him fine. In fact, that's just his cup of tea.

"I can do it all in there. I can demand the double-team, split the gap and I know last year I saw more than a few triple-teams, guys trying to keep me from getting up field," Duncan said. "They still aren't stopping me, though."

The reported 11 sacks would back that up, Duncan an obvious force in middle. But he'd tell you that just because he's a big guy, don't think that once you get outside of him, it's all over by the crying. "I get off that ball quick enough and I have good enough feet, if I can get the angle, I got you," he said.

Duncan is intense out there, but he's a little crazy too. In fact, it's when he's combining both, when he finds he's at his best. And if there is one thing that usually sets that off more than anything is when the intimidation factor sets in for the opponent, even before the ball has been snapped. "They see me and some are already a little intimidated, but you know you got them when your guy false starts," Duncan said.

"You are already in their head and when that happens, I'm jawing at that guy and going crazy for the rest of the game."

All this amounts to Duncan being an ideal player for the middle, and while Nebraska has just recently gotten one, they need at least one more, if not up to three. Duncan can see that and when he sees that Nebraska's entire defensive interior is graduating after this season, his response is simple: "That's beautiful right there."

Now don't think that Tyrone is afraid of competition. He's definitely not. But he knows how some of this stuff goes. Seniors or upperclassmen usually get the nod and he just wants to know that wherever he goes, he's going to get a legit shot. "That's the biggest thing for me. I need to know that whether I am a freshman or not, it doesn't matter. If I am the best out there, I am going to be on the field," he said. "Competition is competition. I just want to know that if I am really the best guy out there, I am the guy that gets on the field."

He sees that opportunity at Nebraska, who has offered Duncan in writing. But he sees that a lot of other places as well. Washington, Utah, Ole Miss and New Mexico all have their own needs for the position. So, that's going to take a little work to figure out.

There's not going to be a lot of time to do it either, as Duncan said that he'd like to make his decision before his season begins. With not being able to take any official visits before the year, that makes doing his hands-on research a little harder, but Tyrone said that this particular season has one hitch that will help.

"We have a game before the school year even begins, so the first week of my school year, we'll have a bye-week," Tyrone said. "I'm hoping that I can use that to make a couple of visits and figure out what I want to do."

That's not much time, but the good news for Husker fans is, whatever time that is, he plans on making it into Lincoln to see the big red. "Yeah, they are definitely on my top chart," Tyrone said of Nebraska. "I don't have a real list of favorites, but they are definitely up there. If things work out, I can make it there that first week and see what the place is like. I am going to try and make it up to Oregon too."

That will give Duncan roughly three months to do his research, maybe peruse the internet for more information and then figure out where he's going to be.

In the mean time, Duncan is working on another future. "I just got done taking my SAT today," he said. "My mom actually just graduated after going back to school, so she was the first from my family to do that. And I am going to be the first one from my family to go straight from high school to college and graduate."

"I know I did pretty well, so I just have to wait to get my results. I know I did good on it, though."

Duncan currently has a 3.0 GPA

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