Huskers co-leader for huge Texas athlete

He's 6-foot-2 and 220 pounds. He has the size to play linebacker. He has 4.34 speed. He could play cornerback if need be, but he is being looked at to play safety. He also only played in four games last year at running back and made all-district honors. Wherever he plays, he is an asset to the team that gets him.

Travis Lewis is a freak and should be climbing up the Texas Hot 100 in lists to come. The 6-foot-2 and 220 pound Lewis from San Antonio Lee had a great spring.

"We didn't really have a spring ball," Lewis said. "We really didn't want to get anyone injured. We had practice and everything. During our athletic period we would have 15 minutes and that is it. Everything was good."

Those 15 minutes were sometimes the hardest 15 minutes of the day for Lewis who routinely found coaches from some of the nation's best schools into see him during the evaluation period. For some, it can cause them to clam up and not perform well. For Lewis, it was influential, but in a positive way.

"When the coaches came in to watch us it just makes you work harder. You want to look the best possible for them. They're going to be offering the scholarship and so you want to run as fast as you can and look as good as you can. That definitely pumped me up."

It was hard to keep track of all of the teams that showed up at San Antonio (Texas) Lee to get a look at Lewis. He ventures a guess of about 20 different schools. If that is true then that is nearly all schools that showed up to see Lewis, offered.

"Most of the schools that came to see me offered. There was Oklahoma, Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma State, Houston, UTEP, Rice, and some others. There were more than 20 different schools that stopped by. I have more than 10 offers."

The question is, where would Lewis play? 6-foot-2 and 220 pounds with 4.34/40 speed? Just about anywhere he wants to, but college football teams have a pretty good idea, but there isn't a consensus.

"Some people want me to play running back actually. Most people are looking at me to play linebacker or a safety type position. I don't have a preference. I play running back right now, but I am totally leaving up where I play to the schools."

When it comes to playing running back with Lewis, it's about wanting to be the man. "I want the ball. Some people get scared in some situations about getting the ball. I want the ball every time. That's me. I am going to get you seven or eight yards a carry. I want the ball."

On defense, the drive is a bit different. On defense it's about pain. Pain that he is inflicting on the opponents that come his way.

"I have played varsity as a safety since I was a sophomore. I love hitting people. I love to hit people. That is why I think that I am best suited to play linebacker. I love hearing that 'uhh!'. When they have trouble getting up? I love that."

Well into double-digits in offers, Wilson doesn't have to go to any camps or combines to get the word out. In fact, he has received that guidance from his coaches. He might get some trips in this summer, but there are no plans so far.

"Coaches are telling me that I don't have to go to any combines. They told me to pick the schools that I liked, really interested in, and if you want go to their camps. I don't have any camps planned so far."

Lewis has had some time to think about his offers and his favorites. There are two teams that are standing out in front of the others as of right now.

"I am really interested in Oklahoma. I have already spoke to Bob Stoops and everything. I want to get a chance to go up there and visit."

"I like them and Nebraska. I really want to get a chance to go and visit, but I am not sure if I am going to get a chance to this summer. If I get a chance to go and visit those campuses I would really love to do that."

So what is it about both of those Big 12 teams? Well, it's about their success. Lewis knows that by going to either school that he will win games and potentially play for a national title.

"Oklahoma's record speaks for itself. If you go there you have a really good chance of winning a national championship. I think as highly about Oklahoma as I do about Nebraska. Nebraska has a very good program. You're going to win at both of those schools."

Lewis just missed an opportunity to see Nebraska in his neck of the woods at the Alamo Bowl in December. He made plans to attend, but was unable to make the game. "No, I was going to go, but I didn't get the chance. My coaches were going to get me a ticket, but I didn't get to go."

When it comes to the decision, Lewis hopes that he will see something on his trip. The decision to commit will be a process with him and his coaches to sort out. "Hopefully I will get to go up to their campuses and see something that I like. My coach and I will sit down and decide where I best fit in. That is how I am going to decide."

The coach in charge of San Antonio from Nebraska is Phil Elmassian. This is Coach Elmassian's first year recruiting Texas and given Lewis' opinion of Elmassian he is making quite an impression.

"He's great. Out of all of the coaches that are recruiting me he is the greatest one. I really like him. He's exciting to talk to. He's a funny guy."

"I think that he really likes what I could bring there to Nebraska. Her said that both the linebacker coach and him are going to take a look at me. They're leaning towards linebacker, but you never now. I have some speed and I think that I could play safety."

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