Nebraska offers big lineman out of Florida

Even St. Augustine, Florida (Nease H.S.) offensive lineman Clyde Yandell has been surprised by the increasing attention he's received lately. It's not like he doesn't have any confidence in what he can do. He does. But until this spring, it seems many schools didn't totally buy in. They are buying in now and one of the most recent parties to join is Nebraska.

If you are a 6 foot, 5 inch, 295 pound offensive lineman, it's easy to stand out in say, South Dakota. In Florida, though, they seem to grow those on trees. You have to be extra special, extra good, extra everything, if you want others to take notice.

Prior to this spring, Clyde Yandell might have wondered if he was going to be able to do just that.

Yandell has the size, obviously, but with a reported 5.3/40, he's got some pretty good wheels too. And throw in a GPA above 3.5, you've got the frame, the athleticism and the grades.

And finally he's got the attention to go with it

"It was strange, because before the spring, I just had a couple of offers and it didn't really seem like I was going to get all that much," Clyde said. "But they have been just coming lately and it's hard to really explain."

"I'm not complaining, though, because the attention is nice and it just means I have more choices in front of me."

He's not complaining, but there's another interesting part of the recruiting and that has to do with the position. Sure, Clyde looks like a solid offensive lineman, moves like a solid offensive lineman and he's got plenty of upside. The odd part here is, before this season, this will be the first time he's played that side of the ball. "I haven't played that position since JV, so the fact that everyone is offering me for the offensive line is interesting."

The offers Yandell has at this point are from Virginia Tech, Duke, East Carolina, Cincinnati, Nebraska, Marshall, Louisville, Florida International, Houston, Middle Tennessee State, Oklahoma State and Tulsa.

There's an obvious absence of the three major football programs in the state, but Clyde said that one is showing interest and he's not worried at all about the other two. "I am actually at Florida right now, taking in a one-day camp," Yandell said yesterday. "They are showing more interest lately. As for Florida State and Miami, Miami has sent some stuff, but I am basically getting nothing from them, so I am not thinking about them at all."

That's where Yandell could differ from most of the prep-athletes in the sunshine state. While most seem to be just waiting for the offers from the "big three", Clyde isn't, because he doesn't look at things in that way. There is no such thing as name recognition to him. There are only places which might fit him and those that might not.

"I'm looking for a good program, not just a good program within the state," Clyde said. "Location means pretty much nothing to me. I want a place with really good academics, a good tradition and someplace that feels like it will fit me for the extent of my college career."

Nebraska is one of those programs Clyde is currently looking at, saying that out of the offers he has, they are one of three from "major" programs. The other two (Virginia Tech and Louisville) are on that list as well. Yandell doesn't know a lot about the Huskers, but what he's learned thus far he's liked. "Coach Jordan is a really nice guy and very hospitable," Clyde said of Nebraska running back coach Randy Jordan. "Nebraska has a good tradition and seems to be a good program overall."

This summer Clyde is going to be checking out a few of the other schools that he's been interested in for awhile. "I'm going to be camping at Michigan, Notre Dame and Wake forest and I could possibly Clemson and possibly Auburn," he said. "There could be some others, but I don't have any plans as of right now."

As for favorites, you can imagine that Yandell isn't limiting his options, saying that of all the schools who have offered him, those are the ones on his list. But he did say that if he were to take official visits based on his current list, Nebraska would be one of those visits, along with the Cardinals and the Hokies.

There's no timeframe for Clyde, though, so he's looking forward to seeing just how many more choices he'll have in the future and when he's comfortable with his overall list, he'll try to get a clearer picture of which schools hit the mark as to what he wants for the future.

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