Huskers latest to offer big lineman in Texas

Big, mobile and nasty. That is what Nebraska needs on their line. At 6-foot-4, 280 pounds and with a 4.9, this lineman has it. What he didn't have until recently was a Nebraska offer, but someone has kept him in the loop about Nebraska's interest. An offer just recently showed up and has Nebraska looking to be in a very good position for his services.

Last year it was Cory Brandon at Corsicana (Texas) that was getting all of the attention. When teams were there though, they got a chance to see an emerging junior. A 6-foot-4 and 280 pound junior with better than average speed with a 4.9.

That lineman is Courtney Green. Green is getting ready to get to work although school just ended. He has speed and strength camp starting up next week that will run the duration of the next couple of months.

"I was going to try and get to a camp or two," Green said. "I am just trying to figure out what my plans will be. I have a speed and strength camp starting next week and that will run all the way through August or end of July. I need to look at my schedule."

When it comes to what Green is working on, it will be a combination of everything. He already has great speed, but would like to do better in that area. He will be looking to get faster and stronger this summer.

"Really my quickness and try and get faster. I am trying to faster and stronger. Those are really the main things that I want to do. College-wise, they are looking at my max. I run a 4.9 and I am trying to improve that. I need to stay on the weights."

The spring went well for Corsicana who is in the middle of quite a run of good years. This year could be one of their best considering their returning starters.

"It went pretty good. They split teams up and mostly the good players were on the white team, but they had me and some other players on the other team. I think what they were trying to do was to challenge me. They were challenging me to step it up. We did pretty good."

"Our season went good last year. We had a lot of senior leadership. We are going to try and keep that up. We had quite a run going. Last year we only had about four starters coming back. This year we have 12 or 13 starters returning. That is a good thing because most start on offense and defense. We've got to the third or fourth round the past two years."

"I got first team all district the last two years playing offensive line. I have got honorable mention the last two years playing defensive line too. I am trying to get first team all-state this year. I did pretty good last year."

The evaluation period is really the first glimpse of recruiting that these players get to witness. Green said that instead of getting nervous in front of the coaches that he used it as a motivator.

"At first, I really wasn't used to it. Seeing all those coaches come out every day it would boost me to do better. They want to see me test well and do good, so I try and do the best that I can. I am playing both sides of the ball and I am doing my best. They were all calling me telling me that they liked my film. I need to get better and I need to work hard."

He has seen the benefits of having a good spring and is up to almost double-digit offers. "I would say about eight or nine offers. There are 13 or 14 teams talking to me. There are four or five teams talking to me a lot that are keeping up with me that still haven't offered."

"I have offers from Oklahoma State, Baylor, TCU, Ole Miss, Houston, Nebraska, North Carolina, Iowa State, Colorado State and I am not sure or not, but LSU was talking about it too. Missouri, Notre Dame and LSU are in contact with me, but no offers yet."

The Huskers just recently formally offered Green. Green has known about Nebraska's interest though for some time. He admitted that the interest is mutual and potentially could see himself lining up to play for The Big Red.

"During my school year I saw my counselor in the hallway and she told me that Nebraska was looking at me. She talked to him about me and everything. My coach told me that they offered. As far as playing for them? I would go to Nebraska and play for them. They have a good program."

"Last season, I was watching Nebraska on TV. They are a very solid team, lineman-wise. They all have good size and everything. I told my coach that I wouldn't mind going to Nebraska because it's a good school and that I wouldn't going there if they offer. I am really considering going there."

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