Top 10 wideout narrows his list of favorites

Markques Simas has made a name for himself as one of the hottest receivers in the country. Solid at creating separation, great after the catch and the mentality to deal with consistent double teams – he's what they call the complete package. Well, this complete package has decided to narrow his list of favorites, before it gets too big. Simas ran them down as to who made the final cut.

6 foot, 2 inches, 200 pounds, 4.48/40

Tell me you wouldn't offer a kid, who had those kinds of measurables.

It gets better:

Over 20 yards a catch and out of 41 receptions, 16 were for scores

That's good news for Mira Mesa HS (San Diego, CA), but bad for anyone that has to face them, or putting it better, anyone that has to face Markques Simas.

Yeah, he's seen his share of double teams. Sometimes he sees even more. "We had a game against one of our rivals last year and they had all the linebackers out in the flats, the safety out there and the cornerback was on me tight," Simas said. "I still got two touchdowns."

Simas likes the attention, but not because he wants all eyes on himself. He wants it, because it could mean there aren't eyes on the rest of the 10 other players on the field. "You want to pay that attention to me, that's great, because one of our guys is going to beat you," he said. "So, I don't mind it at all. Either way we are going to get into the end zone."

That's something Simas can do pretty well, but you look at the average he boasts and wonder just how it's done. Was it a bunch of fly patters, which bolstered his average or did he do it the old fashioned way? Markques would say that he certainly doesn't mind the "go" routes, but he especially likes grinding it in for six. "The hitch is the best, because you have one or two people to beat and you are gone," he said. "That's why I like being a receiver. Running backs have an entire team to beat. I get by one or two, I'm heading for the end zone."

Simas' size, measurables and success have garnered him plenty of attention. Thus far he's looking at double-digit offers, with the promise that the number will most certainly increase as the months go by.

Would you believe that Simas is actually trying to avoid it?

"Recruiting was pretty crazy for awhile, but it's started to calm down now," he said. "I got to the point where I wanted to let the schools know that I was either interested in them or others that I probably wasn't."

"So, I've called a lot of them and let them know," he continued. "Now I have a list, which will be a little easier to figure out."

On that list are the typical ones of his region, USC standing amongst the group, along with UCLA, San Diego State and Cal. But there are a few outside the region, Michigan and Colorado joining the group.

Of all of those schools, only USC and UCLA haven't offered, but Simas is thinking that he could fix that little problem well before the off-season is over. "I've already been to a UCLA junior day and one of our tight ends (Nate Chandler) just committed there," he said. "And I am going to up to USC for a one-day deal soon."

"I am thinking that something will happen with those schools, but we'll see."

There's little doubt what the attraction to USC is. Back-to-back national titles does something for a team's reputation. But like many, who have enjoyed such success, it's that success, which can hurt them at times, especially in recruiting. "They get these killer classes and I wouldn't mind waiting one year, but I don't really want to wait two years or whatever," he said. "I'd like to go someplace I can see myself as an impact guy right away."

"But USC is USC. If they offer, that's pretty good."

Nebraska was once on his list and he even has a friend (Menelik Holt), who will be joining the team this year. But, while the Huskers started off strong with their attention, since they offered in writing, there's been little to no follow up from the big red. "It basically just stopped and I'm not really sure why," Markques said. "They used to send a lot of stuff, but that slowed down and they haven't really contacted me at all in awhile."

Not sitting on his laurels waiting for others to come around, Simas narrowed his list and he's already thinking about his official visits in the future. He has one set to Michigan, which will take place on October 6th as the Wolverines host Michigan State.

As to the others, those are still in the works, as they say, but Simas figures by the time the summer is over, this list he has now could be refined even more and once the season finally arrives, he will know at least where he's taking all of his trips. "It would be nice to have that narrowed by that time. That's what I am hoping," he said.

Ranked as one of the top 10 receivers in the country, Simas' popularity will certainly grow over the months. He'll get more offers and even more opportunities. But trying to avoid the mayhem, which goes with being one of the top guys in the nation, he's hoping that this initial list will keep a tidal wave of attention to a dull roar.

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