DE, Kyle Caldwell

One of the best defensive linemen in the country, Caldwell is set to improve on his impressive last season totals of 13 sacks and 118 tackles. Actually, it's not a goal, more like a plan of action from someone that won't be denied. Ask Caldwell what he thinks about crushing his opponent with even greater frequency this year and he simply says, "Oh yeah".

Kyle Caldwell Profile

DE, Kyle Caldwell - Scottsdale, AZ. (Saguaro) - 6-3, 255, 4.6/40 - Kyle Caldwell has some decisions to make. What to eat, where to go and of course, which QB is best served with rice. 13 times, Quarterbacks had to feel the wrath last season of Caldwell and Kyle is looking for more this year. "My goal is 21 sacks this year", Caldwell stated.

The offers have been pouring in for the Scottsdale standout. Except for Stanford, the entire Pac Ten has offered Caldwell along with powerhouse names like Texas A&M, Colorado, Nebraska and Notre Dame. With a season yet to play for Kyle, some other significant players are certain to fall into this mix.

Combined with Caldwell's 13 QB sacks last season, Kyle tallied 118 tackles. For those kinds of totals, you have to be good, but you need to be aggressive as well. "I'm aggressive and I think that the thing that makes a good player instead of average is making the play when it needs to be made", Caldwell stated. "That's what I think I do well."

Whether it's his stats, attitude or aggressiveness that has schools flocking to lure his services, Kyle will almost has his choice of which school he wants to attend. For those schools, Kyle looks at certain criteria and I asked him to rate them 1-10, 10 being the best.

Fans: "9"

Coaches: "10"

Continuity in the staff: "6. They really don't have to be together a long time to be good, so it isn't a major deal."

Weather: "6. I mean, since it's 110 down here everyday, I don't want to go where it's freezing all the time, but it's not that big of a deal."

Location: "Anywhere"

Style of Defense: "Not really that important."

It that what separates Kyle from most of the rest of the country? Is being aggressive enough? Most of the time, no, unless they are unusually talented. Though there's no denying the talent of Caldwell, what seems to strike a person ( me anyway) is the confidence in which he speaks that just tells you he knows exactly what he wants and has what it takes to get it.

Caldwell isn't in a hurry to make a decision. With only one "possible" unofficial visit to ND for late summer, the season is more important and the choice on college can wait until after that. "I like all those schools a lot, so there's a lot I need to look at", Caldwell stated. "I'm not in a big hurry."



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