Stock is on the rise for big OT

Texas is so big that you could just skip over a town of an offensive tackle that is 6-foot-5 and 285 pounds. However, once the first person finds such a player the word spreads like wildfire. David Hart is riding that word being spread right now and is looking for that first offer. It could come as early as this weekend.

The name of David Hart hasn't been a big one yet in recruiting, but things are heating up. The 6-foot-5 and 285 left tackl from Magnolia (Texas) is a monster when it comes to pass blocking and moves well for a big guy sporting a 5.25/40.

School just got out recently for most Texas schools, but the plans have kicked off already for late springa nd summer plans. Hart took the time on his way to one of his first camps this year. The first camp of many.

"I am actually in the car on my way to SMU," Hart said. "I have summer camp there. The 17th I go to Rice. Most of my summer stuff starts in July with me going to Arkansas, Missouri, Purdue and maybe Michigan State."

Last season for Magnolia wasn't one to write home about. Since the end of last year the coaches have been replaced and Hart is very upbeat about the changes. "Yeah we had spring ball and it went great. We have new coaches this year and it went awesome. Last year we were 2-7. We ran a Wing-T. We are running an inside-zone/variety of offenses/West Coast offense."

Sometimes with changes in offense comes changes to positions that players will play. However, Hart is firmly entrenched at left tackle. "I played left tackle last year and will play left tackle again this year. I was voted second team all-district as a junior. Everyone likes me as a left tackle at the next level."

The eavluation period give players an early chance to see what recruiting will be like. The evaluation period did more than make Hart excited about the possibility about playing college football, it was really about the realization that he will get to pursue his dream beyond high school.

"It was actually very exciting. We had the new coach come in and getting a chance to see and meet all of the scouts was very exciting. I have wanted to play football my whole life, I have been playing since I was in third grade, and it's like a dram come true to know that I can go to the next level and play."

That realization came from seeing many different coaches at the school throughout the evaluation process. "I saw probably over 25 scouts. You could pretty much name them and they were there. I have had eight calls from coaches this year. They are still texting me and stuff."

While he was seeing the many different coaches and getting the phones calls, Hart hasn't received his first offer. That could be coming as early as this week from SMU at camp. "I technically don't have any offers yet. I would probably say that SMU, Purdue, Missouri or Arkansas seem the closest to offering me."

There hasn't been a lot of thought to schools that are interesting to Hart or even to favorites. Things will come into place for Hart when it happens. He believes that there is a bigger picture.

"The way that I think is that God has a plan for me. I don't want to worry about which college is best for me. I think that when I get to a particular school I am just going to know. I am not thinking favorites or anything. Right now, I don't know."

When someone sees Hart they see size and when they watch him run they see the feet. Hart has a 5.25/40 and he says that helps him the most in pass protection. "My strength is definitely my pass blocking. Getting me out there out there on the edge. I have very quick feet."

Nebraska is a team that just recently started picking up interest in Hart. Hart doesn't know a lot about Nebraska, yet. "I just got a letter from Nebraska. They recently sent me a questionnaire and I filled it out and sent it back. They are a good school and I haven't had a chance to get up there and check them out."

This decision won't come down to distance for Hart. He is looking for some very key things when it comes to making the right college for him. "I'd like a Christian university and a strong FCA program, a good football environment and academics as well when it comes to picking out a school."

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