Moevao sees Nebraska, ready for Oregon State

It doesn't come to a bigger shock to anyone than it does to Lyle Moevao about his recent popularity and his success at El Camino (Calif.) JC. Out of high school he didn't have the passing background that he picked up at college. Now he has Nebraska wanting him now and Oregon State wanting him in the spring. When will he know what he wants to do?

Lyle Moevao had a great year as a true freshman at El Camino (Calif.) and was considered by most to be the top CCCCA quarterback this year. However, he was a qualifier out of high school and could make the jump to division one right now.

He is really entertaining one offer to leave El Camino right now. He was in Nebraska to check out what they had to offer. "The visit went great," Moevao said. "I really didn't know too much about the state of Nebraska before I came here."

One thing about a player visiting from California is expectations of Nebraska. Most haven't been to that part of the country before and more often than not they leave surprised by the surroundings of Lincoln and of Nebraska.

"Some of the expectations that I had about out here were met and there were others that I had that were proven to be wrong. I already knew about there being a lot of flat lands. Sure enough, a lot of green grass and green fields everywhere."

"One of the things that I expected, or heard about, that was eventually proven to be wrong was not being able to do anything out here or not having a lot of people out here. There's a good amount of people in the city and a fair amount of activities going on."

The visit to Nebraska was real comprehensive. Moevao had a chance to meet with the staff involved with football as well as academic staff. The visit as a whole went very well for Moevao.

"Oh yeah. I've met with anyone from the dean all the way to the strength and conditioning coach to the athletic director. I really touched base with a lot of different people. Even areas of the academics to go along with the football program as well."

"I actually spoke with one of the guys that is in charge of the business management program. He really showed me the ropes with me majoring in business and how everything works when you are there. I met with the athletic director and got to understand how things work with classes, eligibility and even showed me the new facilities."

The new facilities is something that has been a big selling point with recruits the past year. Moevao was impressed with what he saw and how things will be this year in Lincoln. "It should definitely help their recruiting. I was definitely impressed. They really showed me how things look and how everything is going to look. They pulled it up on the computer to show me how the final result may be."

Moevao is a bit of an interesting recruit. It was his decision, and not an academic issue, to attend junior college to try and gain experience and to help in his development as a quarterback. As a result, if he were to leave tomorrow he would have four years to play three.

"In high school I really didn't have a breakout season. We ran the ball a lot and I thought that at J.C. that it would help me improve upon my performance at the quarterback position."

"I am a possible four years to play three years. I am sure that any recruit that comes off of their first visit has their idea about going to that school, seeing all of those facilities and hearing that the coaches could really see you there."

When Big Red Report caught up with Moevao he was doing some picturing of himself in Lincoln. It's something that a recruit has to do, but even if it felt right then and there he promised to take the other trip and wait on his decision.

"I am trying to picture myself here just for my own sake. Before I even came here I made a promise to myself that I would check out all of my options before I actually made a decision."

"I am still on schedule to go to Oregon State on Wednesday and coming back on Thursday. And I am pretty sure that I will most likely have an answer by Monday."

The situation at Oregon State is a bit different than what it might be at Nebraska. Oregon State isn't as interested as the now as Nebraska is. Nebraska is looking for Moevao to make this summer while Oregon State would be looking for Lyle this spring.

"At Oregon State the whole deal is to enroll after one more year at El Camino. Nebraska wants me right now. They want me here as soon as I make my decision, if I decide to come here."

So could the decision to make the jump now just be for the immediate opportunity? It's possible. However, more than that Moevao is focused on the right, long-term decision. A decision that will come in the next couple of weeks.

"It's a real good opportunity for myself, right now, at Nebraska. But I also want to make sure that I am making the right decision. I know that Nebraska is a great school, great coaching staff, good football team and great academic standards. I know that they're good on everything, but I just want to be sure to check out and weigh my options."

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