Russian stops by Lincoln on summer trip

The summer is a great time for a recruit to get out and see some schools. Alex Russian is wrapping up a very long summer trip and is at his fourth university today with two more to go. How had the first four schools looked to Russian and does he have a leader? It seems that there are two schools standing out right now.

The summer, for some, is time to relax. For football recruits, it's time to workout and get out and see some of the places that would like to have them come and play football on scholarship.

Alex Russian is making the rounds right now and is wrapping up a pretty big road trip. The 6-foot-4 and 225 pound tight end from Roundrock (Texas) had just wrapped up a one-day camp at Oklahoma State when he called Big Red Report back to give an update on his trip.

"Me and my dad actually went on this big, old road trip," Russian said. "It started out at Kansas State on Friday. On Saturday we went to Kansas and then drove up to Nebraska. We got into Stillwater at 3:00 in the morning and tomorrow we will be in Tulsa. Tuesday we make our way down to LSU."

Russian had this to say about his trip and the schools so far.

Kansas State: "The coaching staff at Kansas State is really young and really energetic. Coach Prince is a really good guy. His policy of player-coach relationship is really important. Just a really good coach to have."

Kansas: "Kansas was O.K. The facilities are pretty nice. We were only there for about an hour or so. They haven't offered or anything yet and it was really a more that we were there so we'd stop by."

Nebraska: "Oh man, it was amazing. The facilities that they are building to have ready for next year are going to be awesome. I love Coach Callahan. He is a really nice guy. It felt really good. Everything is close; the locker room, the practice field, the facilities, the stadium, it's all there. I felt good about Nebraska."

Oklahoma State: "Stillwater is awesome. They were the first to offer me and I have always had that in the back of my head. It's a really fun place, great group of guys and really friendly. The facilities that they are building will also be cream of the crop like Nebraska's. I am really liking them."

With Tulsa tomorrow and LSU down the road, Russian spoke about what he is looking for on these trips. "I have an offer from Tulsa and some of the things that I am looking for is the overall atmosphere. I really want to see how the players are. The facilities are great and the coaches are great, but I really wanted to see how the players were."

Nebraska made an impression on Russian and along with another school could find themselves on top of his favorite lists whenever he get around to coming up with a favorites list.

"Coach Watson is a really good guy. Right now I really don't have a favorite, but Nebraska was a really nice place and I really felt pretty good there. It's the same way at Oklahoma State too. I really don't have a favorite, but those two I am really considering."

Russian believes that he could fit into the Nebraska offense immediately and the coaches have told him that too. Not only as a tight end, but also on special teams. His role on special teams could be critical.

"I really think that I would fit in the Nebraska offense. They are going to be using up to two or three tight ends at one time. So far, everywhere I have gone, they said that I wouldn't redshirt because I am a pretty good deep snapper and that I could play my true freshman year."

Russian isn't the same person that he was two years ago, or a year ago for that matter. He continues to grow year after year. "My sophomore year, my first year on varsity, I was 195 or 200 pounds. Last year I was about 208 or 210. Now I am at about 226. I have been growing and putting on a lot of weight."

As a tight end, Russian says that his biggest strength is blocking brought on by a run-oriented offense. Russian did make the most of his chances on ever pass that was thrown to him though.

"My blocking ability of course. I didn't get thrown to a lot last year, so I really had a lot of chances to block. Every time I got thrown to I caught it last year even though it was only seven times."

The offer list is now in the double-digits for Russian. While Russian was in Nebraska he saw enough to set up an official visit date to Lincoln.

"I have about 10 or 11 offers. I have offers from Okalahoma State, UTEP, Tulsa, Baylor, LSU, Nebraska, Missouri and some others that I can't think of right now. I set up an official for Nebraska when they play against Texas."

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