A misunderstanding with Stangel

There was a need to get things cleared up about a possible Nebraska offer with Chasen Stangel. The quarterback prospect is set to attend an Elite Quarterback Camp in Lincoln, Nebr. this weekend and he is hoping for that Nebraska offer, but it did not mysteriously find it's way into his hands, yet.

Chasen Stangel from San Jacinto (Calif.) needed to get something cleared up tonight. It seems that the rumor not only was making it's way around message boards and the Internet, but also back to him as well. It is all just one big misunderstanding.

"I've got to clear that up with you guys," Stangel said. "My dad sent an email about two new offers from Utah State and SMU. It was then that my dad said to take Nebraska off of the list because you can only have so many schools in my profile. That way you can put all the offers in there."

"Needless to say, the guy took it all very differently and put it down as a Nebraska offer as well as Utah State and SMU. That is a big misunderstanding which I would really like to get cleared up."

Stangel doesn't have that Nebraska offer, but there is no denying it, he would like to receive one. "I would like to get that offer once I get up there, work out and get to take my visit at the quarterback camp. But as of right now I haven't been offered by them."

Despite not holding offers from a couple of schools, Stangel admitted that two schools right now are giving him a lot of attention. "I am getting a lot of attention from Nebraska and Washington right now. I have been talking with Coach Willingham from Washington and talking to Coach Jay Norvell from Nebraska."

"It's been going really good with Washington and Nebraska and I am really excited about those two schools. I am going to the Elite Quarterback Camp at the end of this week in Nebraska and I am going up to visit Washington at the end of June."

Stangel has strong ties back to the state of Nebraska with having close family that were born and raised there as well as still having a lot of extended family still in Nebraska. He has never visited Nebraska with his family before.

"My grandpa and my aunt were born in Nebraska and went to high school there. I have a lot of family back there like in Tecumseh, Burchard and West Point. I have a lot of family back there. My family goes back there to visit, but I have never been back there."

The recruiting attention is obvious from Nebraska just by going through the evaluation period. First, the recruiting coach for that area was there and then the quarterbacks coach showed up a week later. A relationship has started to build with Coach Norvell and Stangel.

"Nebraska did show up to see me during the evaluation period. Coach Bill Busch came down and then the next week Jay Norvell came down. I have been talking to Coach Norvell a lot this past week on the phone."

Despite building a relationship with Nebraska and Coach Norvell, Stangel isn't quite sure where he stands with Nebraska. He does know what type of impact a Nebraska offer would have with his favorites though. "I am not sure what they are thinking. I am hoping to do real well at the camp and I am real excited about possibly getting a Nebraska offer. An offer from Nebraska would definitely move Nebraska to the top of my leader board."

The trip to Nebraska is coming on the heels of a trip to North Texas to check out a pair of schools. "I just got back from seeing SMU and TCU. SMU just has an awesome campus and the coaches were awesome. I liked TCU, it was nice, but I think that I liked SMU better. It was a real nice college campus, everything is all brick. They're coming up again. They have an awesome coaching staff."

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