The latest quarterback offer is to McNutt

It's been a heck of a ride watching Nebraska recruit quarterbacks this year and it's only June. The early commitment of Jarrett Lee has broadened the search by Nebraska. The latest offer goes to a recruit flying a little under the radar, but has some nice offers including the latest by Nebraska. Can Nebraska catch up in this race?

You want a player? Try out Marvin McNutt. The 6-foot-3.5 and 190 pound quarterback from Florissant (Mo.) Hazelwood Central is a bit busy on the camp trail, but took the time to catch up with Big Red Report.

"Yeah, I went to a little Indiana camp with one of my coaches," McNutt said. "He was working it and so I went ahead and went on up for the camp. It went pretty good. It was pretty fun."

The list of offers that McNutt is holding is impressive. He has picked up 6 offers in the past three months with the latest coming just a couple of weeks ago.

"I do have an offer from Indiana. I also have offers from Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Kansas, Minnesota and Nebraska. The first schools to offer were Indiana and Iowa. I got those in March. The latest to offer was Nebraska."

One of the dilemmas that players in Missouri face is that there isn't spring ball for football. When coaches come in during the evaluation period they come in to see just their film sometimes and talk to their coaches. In the case of McNutt though they got to see him playing another sport.

"We don't have spring ball in Missouri. I play three sports so I was in baseball at the time. They would come to my baseball games some of the time. A lot of times they would just come to the school and our coach would just show them some film. Most left impressed with the things that I could do."

You don't have to see film on McNutt to be impressed because his record speaks for itself. He entered the season as a back up quarterback. Stuck behind a senior that led their Central team to a .500 record. Enter McNutt. McNutt only fell short in the state championship game.

"We went to state and lost in the finals. We were 9-4. I came in halfway through the season. I took over the job as our quarterback. I was behind a senior at quarterback and was a backup receiver."

"We were 3-3 when I started. I took over and we won out from there except in the championship. We went 6-1. I threw for like 1,300 yards, 12 touchdowns and four interceptions. I got honorable mention all-district and honorable mention all-metro because I didn't play in six games."

The offense that Central runs showcases McNutt's ability and it also has balance. "We run like a spread, but we also have a power running game also. I am athletic. I am able to get myself out of bad situations and I am mentally tough on the field and off of the field."

Besides being a leader, coaches have liked McNutt's athletic gifts at the quarterback position. "Coaches like my athleticism. They like how I am an athletic quarterback, but they also like how instead of me trying to run to get away that I also run and look to throw on the run. I am a pass-first and run-second quarterback."

Despite the offers and the dream to play college football and beyond, the thought about favorites or a leader board simply haven't crossed McNutt's mind yet. It's getting to be that time though.

"Not yet. I was going to actually sit down and start thinking about my favorites some time this week. I just want to be sure that a school is a nice fit for me. First is about my education, but I want a chance to play in the NFL one day. That is every kid's dream. I want to have an opportunity to play in my first couple of years up there."

One thing that won't factor into McNutt's decision, due in part to the geographic location to him that are recruiting him, distance isn't a huge consideration. "It's not really a big situation about location. It's really all about my parents just being happy. I mean I am not going to go way up by New York or something. Location really isn't a big factor for me."

Besides the camp at Indiana, McNutt has been to a couple of schools already and will return a second time to one this coming weekend. "I just got back from Indiana. I went to Iowa and Missouri for their junior days. I am going to Iowa's one day camp this weekend. I think that my parents are trying to get some more trips planned for me."

Nebraska did enter the recruiting game later than the other schools and McNutt has noticed. It hurts Nebraska now, but they will get a fair look. "I am excited with all of the offers, but it did hurt a little bit because it came kind of late. Things started to settle down and then they come in and offer. I am still going to give them a thorough look."

There is a player on Nebraska that hails from the Florissant area. McNutt knows of the current Husker and even played against him in his first varsity game. "Yeah, I know Chris Brooks. When I was a sophomore our quarterback got hurt. My first game that I got into was against Chris Brooks. He caught a couple of passes. I don't know him. I just know who he is."

Big Red Report will touch base with McNutt again in the coming weeks to talk to him about the camp this weekend, other upcoming summer plans and about how his list of favorites shakes out.

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