Top 20 DE, Turk McBride

You looking for a defensive end that's versatile? You looking for a DE that can play a multitude of positions? Turk McBride can as he will be playing one other position than his primary position of DE. What that position is might surprise you. Heck, it might just drop your jaw to your floor.

Turk McBride Profile


Turk McBride - DE, 6-4, 230, 4.6/40 - Camden, NJ. (Woodrow Wilson) - 32 offers and counting. McBride is seeing the gamut in terms of attention from schools and recruiting analysts alike. Turk's speed and aggressiveness have made him the virtual top kid in a lot of school's eyes for the defensive end position and even linebacker. For any player to be able to compete at either of those positions equally, the athleticism is a given, but that's not the extent of his versatility.

Have you ever heard of a defensive end that also plays cornerback? You have now as McBride is slated to do both and I don't know about you, if Turk does indeed prove successful at playing both, his stock will go up even farther than it has thus far. Turk said that he is comfortable with the idea of someone his size playing corner, but the thought of defending those shifty, speedy and elusive Wideouts was a little daunting initially. "At first, I felt a little shaky about it (playing corner), but as I started practicing it, it came natural to me, because I watched a lot and I now, I think I know how to do it", McBride stated. Turk is bound to give the receivers a whole new idea of what "bump n' run" feels like. "My coach said that the fact that I am very physical is going to help me a lot", Turk said.

Turk's almost 17 sacks last season make this season as a potential boom. As if last season wasn't. His success at the other position also equally make him a prime target for all of those 32 schools and more than likely, even more. Turk stated that among those 32, Nebraska, Michigan, Syracuse, Miami, West Virginia and UCLA are just a few.

With any player and many we have covered thus far, there is always a curiosity as to what's important to them. I asked that of Turk, asking him to rate them one to ten, ten being the best.

Coaches: "10"

Fans: "1"

Location: "5. I really don't care one way or another."

Location in terms of how close it is to home: "1, I will go anywhere."

Style of defense: "That's a 10. I am not used to the 3-4 and I like the 4-3. That way, I can get after the QB."

McBride has taken a few unofficial visits, thus far to West Virginia, Syracuse and Maryland and as for the immediate future, "I think I would like to take about seven this Summer", Turk stated. As for his officials though, Turk stated that it's far too soon as he hasn't even narrowed a list down of what schools he is interested in. "I really don't want to do anything now, because I want to wait until after my season so that I can be focused on every team out there." Turk said. "Then, I think after my officials, I can make a good choice."

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