Top 15 CB, Mike Jenkins

The state of Florida puts out about as much talent as you can each season. It's not unusual to see at least one Florida player at the top or near the top of every positional list that rates players around the country. With all that congestion of talent, it's hard to break away and make a name for yourself, but that's just what Mike has tried to do and may yet do more of this year.

Mike Jenkins Profile

Mike Jenkins - CB - 5-11, 184, 4.43/40 - Bradenton, Florida (Southeast) - There's something to be said for being one of the best at your position coming out of the state of Florida. Considering that state is year in and year out THE largest hotbed of pure speed and talent around the country, Mike's status might as well make him one of the best, period.

Right now, from the midwest all the way back to the east coast, Mike is getting a good deal of attention. Schools like Iowa and Iowa State along with Pitt have already offered and some are still waiting in the wings. As for Jenkins, he will be trying to better on his stats from the previous season, Jenkins tallying 65 tackles and 3 picks last year and on offense, average over 10 yards a carry from the I-back position and scoring 4 more.

Sometimes, schools from the midwest and north in particular shy away from Florida kids, because a lot of them simply don't want to leave home. Nice weather, familiarity with the local teams and the fact that Florida has a few college teams with a good deal of success make getting players out of there very difficult. As to the weather, Mike said that it was a factor, but only a minor one. "I like Florida weather better, because I don't really know about all that snow, but I could try and get used to it", Mike stated.

Right now, Mike has his sights set on teams from all over. One of the local schools, Florida is getting his attention along with the University of Southern Florida. Add to that, Iowa, Nebraska and Auburn and you have at least a fair idea of the early favorites for Jenkins.

Mike hasn't taken any unofficial visits thus far, but as for the officials, you can just look above to see those that are the likely early contenders. Also, don't look for Mike to wait very long in making his decision, because as he stated, "I would like to get this out of the way". That means, before the season, so it will be a fairly busy time for Mike if he does indeed plan on visiting all those schools in that short time allowed.

There is no question as to Jenkin's talent, nor to his athleticism. The only real question for anyone that follows recruiting is what's important to him. Mike stated that the relationship with the coaches means a lot, fan support means a lot and as you saw, weather might have some factor, but it doesn't appear that it will be THE deciding factor in that final place that Mike chooses to go.

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