Does Christian still have a Nebraska offer?

One of the more heralded recruits to come in for the spring game in Lincoln was Andre Christian. Christian, being recruited as an athlete, could come in and play at the next level at a number of positions. The question is, will he get to the next level? A recent transcript issue leaves that in doubt.

If you haven't ever spoken to Andre Christian before, then you need to. If you can't, well then just imagine the most up-beat person that you have ever spoken with. The attitude of the athlete from Oakland (Calif.) Skyline is very refreshing.

The most unbelieveable part is what Christian is talking about when you still hear the positive sounds in his voice. Recently, there were some questions surrounding his transcript by Nebraska and while many have said the offer was rescinded, that is not the case.

"There are some questions about my transcript that Nebraska had," Christian said. "It wasn't like a transfer or anything. It was just my grades."

Grades, the five letter word that sometimes kills the availability of a recruit. However, Christian seems to think that everything is under control.

"Oh yeah, I am in summer school right now. I know which classes I need for Nebraska to take the hold off of the offer. They haven't taken it away, but the offer is only good based on me completing my classes."

Christian made the long journey out to Nebraska for the spring game with his family. A trip that showed his interest in Nebraska and he admits that the distance didn't scare him and that he could see himself at Nebraska.

"Distance isn't an issue at all. I could see myself at Nebraska. They are recruiting me as a true athlete. More than likely it will be as a defensive back, wide receiver or on special teams doing returns."

Nebraska seems to be in line for a Christian official visit this fall pending his classes. Before this fall though is a busy stretch of road. Christian has summer school and a lot of other activities going on right now.

"Oh yeah, I am keeping busy. I have summer league going and that is going really good. I have also been busy working out and getting ready for the season. This will be a busy summer."

Christian knows what he has to do to make that offer valid from Nebraska. It will take hard work, but it's an effort that Christian is interested in making.

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