VIDEO: The 2006 Nebraska Elite QB Academy

What people need to know first and foremost of the Nebraska Elite Quarterback Academy, is that it's a place for young QBs to learn. From the basics to the subtle nuances of the position, young men from all over come to be taught. Within that learning process, though, there is a competition. And in this video are four of the more well-known competitors going at it during the first day of camp.

If you don't know the names, you need to crawl out from under the rock you have been under for the last month or so. Most have become quite used to them, but Saturday was the first day that all these names were together.

During the 2006 Nebraska Elite Quarterback Academy, local standout QB Steve Heiman, trying to show his stuff, faced off against others, who had similar intentions.

Latravis Washington made his second appearance as did Omaha North's Phillip Bates. And joining them was Chasen Stangel, a QB, who has become increasingly well known to Husker fans over the last month. This is his debut in Lincoln as he is also trying to show his stuff in the hopes that the staff of the big red would offer.

How did he look in day one? Check it out for yourself as we give you two segments of the first competition, where this foursome faces off against approximately 76 other quarterbacks of all grades, from all over the country, gathering to learn what it takes to be a better QB, and see who of this group reigns surpreme.


Steve Heiman - #24
Chasen Stangel - #23
Latravis Washington - #7
Phillip Bates Jr. - #11

Just a brief note on this particular part of the competition: If you get the middle of the net, it's 3 points - If you hit the target anywhere, it's 1 point. If you miss the target entirely, it's 0 points

QBs face off - I
QBs face off - II

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