Did Smith visit Nebraska?

There is little doubt that there is a lot of good talent in Kansas this year. One of those prospects that is not only one of the best in Kansas, but happy that Kansas talent is being recognized this year, is Brian Smith. The linebacker from Overland Park (Kans.) St. Thomas Aquinas was rumored to be in Lincoln this past week, was he?

There may not be a recruit from Kansas who is more highly regarded than Brian Smith of Overland Park (Kans.) St. Thomas Aquinas. The 6-foot-2.5 and 220 pound linebacker supposedly was to be in Lincoln this week. Did he make it?

"We didn't go to Nebraska this week. We just went to Iowa. We're actually on the road heading to Michigan right now," Smith said. "We're only an hour outside Ann Arbor. It's been a long week."

There were a couple of big reasons why Smith and his father decided to skip the trip to Lincoln this week. Fortunately for Nebraska they will get a shot to host Smith again in just about a week.

"We're going to go this next Friday to Nebraska. Coach Bill Callahan wasn't there in Lincoln this week. They were also at camp and we wanted to spend more time with the coaches and stuff like that."

Smith was in Iowa City yesterday and really enjoyed his time spent at Iowa. The long week comes in with leaving Iowa City to immediately drive up to Ann Arbor.

"I camped at Iowa yesterday. I liked it a lot. The coaches were very nice and I liked them a lot. Coach Wilson was the one taking us through drills and I really liked him a lot. After that camp we just headed up to Michigan."

One team that might be the clear leader for Smith, despite not offering, is Notre Dame. Just a few hours out of the way, Smith and his father could stop off, but that doesn't seem to be the case. "We're not going to head down to South Bend. After Michigan camp we are just going to head back to home."

Interestingly, Smith may not be the only player from Kansas visiting Nebraska this week. While Smith wasn't sure what the plans were of the other recruits he did say that there could be a chance of all going to Lincoln together this week.

"I might try and set something up with both Blake Lawrence and Christian Ballard if they are heading up to Lincoln this week too. I am not sure when they are going."

Brian's father, Chris, was a standout at Notre Dame and also played football in the NFL for Kansas City. Last year Smith had 100 tackles in 12 games, nine tackles for loss, two sacks, three fumble recoveries and returned an interception for a touchdown.

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