Gray returns from Lincoln

One of the top quarterback prospects in the nation was in Lincoln this past weekend, not to take part in the quarterback academy, but to just check out the school and Lincoln. This was his first time to Lincoln despite only being a state away. What were his thoughts about the visit and is a decision coming soon.

There were plenty of big name quarterbacks on the Nebraska campus for the quarterback academy, but there was another in town for a visit. Logan Gray, the 6-foot-2 and 175 pound quarterback from Columbia (Mo.) Rock Bridge was in Lincoln all weekend this past weekend.

"I was up in Lincoln this past weekend," Gray said. "It's not too far away. It's only about four to four and a half hours away is all. It's not too bad."

This was the first time for Gray to see Lincoln. One of the biggest things that stood out was how serious Nebraskans take their football. "That was my first time in Lincoln and it was a good time. I had a good experience for sure. They take their football serious up there."

Gray got some split time with the quarterbacks at the academy between the two coaches that are recruiting him from Nebraska. "Coach Kevin Cosgrove and Jay Norvell are both recruiting me. I got as much attention as they could give with the quarterback academy and all."

Despite the academy, Gray got to take a tour and saw a lot of what Nebraska has now and has coming. "I really got to see all of the facilities. Even the new facilities like the new weight room, all of the coaches offices and the players lounge. They are also making a cool addition to the stadium. I really got to see everything football-wise and I also got to see part of the campus."

One of the things missing in Lincoln earlier in the week was the head coach at Nebraska. As Gray was arriving coach Bill Callahan was returning from the west coast. "Yeah, Coach Bill Callahan got back to Lincoln from UCLA the other night and I got a chance to hang around with him."

Nebraska isn't the first or the last campus that Gray will see. "So far I have been to Georgia, Florida, Kansas, Kansas State and Missouri. I went to spring games at Georgia, Kansas State and Missouri. I went to a junior day at Kansas. I had camp at Florida for the Nike combine."

"I am going to Las Vegas this coming weekend. I am going to do a little gambling! No, just kidding. I have an Elite 11 workout up there. I am going down south to visit two or three schools in July. I might go out to Cal a little bit later."

Out of those other schools that Gray has seen, Gray said that Nebraska compares to the top schools. "It definitely compares with those at the top. It's a big-time program. They have won five national titles there and have a ton of tradition. Everyone in the state loves Nebraska football. Their definitely towards the top of the list."

One thing that might stand out about the situation with Nebraska and Gray could be how their offer came a little later than some of the others. Gray covered that with Nebraska this past weekend and while it was a topic it doesn't seem like that will figure into his final decision.

"I got the offer from Nebraska during the evaluation period about a month and a half ago. It might hurt Nebraska a little bit to not have offered me sooner. They told me though that they have known about me for a long time and they were just kind of late to offer. In the end I don't think that's going to get thrown into serious consideration."

Besides going to Las Vegas and a few more schools, Gray and Rock Bridge do get the opportunity to get out and play some area teams in the summer despite not having a league to arrange it.

"We play a couple of local schools during the week. It's not really a league. There is another 6A school across town and we will get together and just play once a week. We have been to Vanderbilt for a seven on seven tournament and we might go to Alabama for a seven on seven tournament in July."

There may not be a lot more of the process for Gray to cover. The decision is only a couple of months away. "Actually I am probably not going to take any official visits. I think that I will have my decision some time in August before my season starts. I want it out of the way and not have to worry about it during the season."

When it comes to making the decision this will come down to basic things for Gray. Coaches. Winning. Gray wants to play for the national title.

"Probably basic things like coaching and how I feel with the position coach. How I fit in with all of them. How I see them being able to develop me on the field and off the field. I want to play at a chance to win and win a national championship every single year."

Beyond coaches, winning and national titles though, this has a simple aspect of where does Gray want to go for the next four to five years? "It just might be which place is the right place for me. Where do I want to go live the next four to five years of my life. It would be cool to stay close to home, but if not it's not a big deal."

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