NU recruit, RB, Marcus Woods

In an era where people can almost tell you exactly what position you will play just by hearing your height, weight and speed, it's the players that defy those pre-ordained limitations that really make the noise. Players that take what they have, make it the best they can and prove even the most die-hard skeptics wrong. Marcus Woods has already done that, but he's still looking to do more.

Marcus Woods Profile

Marcus Woods - RB - 5-7 ½ - 175 - 4.34/40 - Stature has it's disadvantages in some areas. The perception alone especially as it pertains to athletic potential is enough to pigeon-hole a player into what they are capable of, nobody ever bothering to look. Barry Sanders defied that and made a name for himself as one of the greatest running backs ever. Though Marcus Woods will find this as possibly the only time (in the near future) that he is mentioned in the same paragraph with the legendary Sanders, his fight is just as familiar and size hasn't stopped Woods from making a name for himself and as he has said, he's just getting started.


The measurables don't lie when it comes to any player, but they do more for some than others. If an offensive linemen benches 315, hardly anyone blinks an eye, because he's well over 6 foot, weighs as much as a mini-van and goes head to head with others likewise in girth. Put that bench on someone of Marcus' size and you are likely to take a little more notice. That bench combined with a squat that Marcus says is "at least 495" and you can picture in your mind just how built this young standout is.

That size in terms of muscle obviously hasn't limited his speed and it certainly hasn't limited his success. Last season, Marcus rushed for 1700 yards last year and a whopping 35 touchdowns. He isn't done yet, because as Marcus stated, "I want to get the record", that being the career record of 72 scores. Marcus is standing at 65 touchdowns, so that record looks to be all but done.

Right now, Marcus has some schools in mind, most notably Michigan State and Nebraska. You can also add Toledo, Bowling Green and Iowa. In respect to Iowa though, Marcus said that if the Hawkeyes were to offer him a scholarship, they would jump to the top or the very least, tied with Nebraska and Michigan State. Marcus does have offers from his other two favorites for right now though.

Unofficial visits haven't been a priority for Woods, but his officials obviously will be. At the same time though, Marcus isn't one that would like this to be a drug out process as he stated, "I would like to get it over with as soon as I can, but I want to take my officials, that way I know for sure." As of now, those officials would appear to be a post-season venture as Marcus wanted to focus on his last year of high school first.

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