Future Husker, Greg Austin

Out of Texas, it will be the anonymous that lead the news. A little dramatic yes, and less than the complete story, but when it comes to getting kids nobody has heard of , NU seems to certainly have the patent. Greg Austin hasn't appeared in any of the databases until now from what I understand, but it's ironic how a name seldom heard before, now becomes almost household after the words, "I commit".

Greg Austin - OL - 6-2, 275, 5.1/40 - Cypress, TX. (Cy-Fair) - As a player out of Texas, it's hard to distinguish yourself from the rest. The LoneStar state is loaded year to year with some of the best football playing kids in the country. Nebraska recruits there to, because if you are a big-time school, you have to go where some of the largest concentration of big time talent is and that means, Texas. With all the four and five star studs, again, it's hard to set yourself apart, but Greg Austin did that, at least to the Nebraska coaches and if you ask anyone in recruiting circles, that's not easy.

By doing that, Greg became a Husker and if you ask him, a Texas native, Nebraska is where he wanted to be. "When I committed, I was happy", Greg stated. "Once I got it off my chest, I was ready to get going for my senior season." Getting the decision was important to Greg for just that reason. He had a season to play and wanted to be focused on the task at hand. But, NU is still there, looming in his thoughts as to what might or will be. "I've got Nebraska in the back of my mind" Austin stated. "They are going to be there."

If you ask a lineman why he wants to go to Nebraska, you may get a weird look on their face. NU often known as "O-linemen U" has been producing powerhouse college football linemen since before most people in this country were born. Even now, Nebraska has five players that are starters in the NFL (Zach Weigert, Will Shields, Adam Treu, Chris Dishman and Brendan Stai) along with two other players that are listed second string, that being Dominic Raiola and Russ Hochsteien. That's also not including the recent early-departer, Toniu Fonoti who is projected to be a starter either his first year or soon after.

With that kind of history, you don't ask why a linemen wants to go to Nebraska, because you are liable to get the answer I got from Greg as to why he chose NU. "It's Nebraska." Greg stated emphatically. "It's like the school basically for linemen. I was told this analogy one day about how some schools make running backs, Nebraska makes linemen. That really placed them above the rest."

Nebraska has another history with it's linemen and that's that few ever see the field as a true freshman. With the multitude of complex blocking schemes and the myriad pulling assignments that require almost laser precise timing, it's almost a given that your first year as a lineman will be spent learning the system before you have a chance to test that knowledge on the field. Greg concurred with that reasoning and gave what he considered to be his realistic goals going in. "I think I will probably redshirt my first year and see if I can get bigger. I mean, I am big already, but I want to get Big XII big. After that though, I am going to try for my spot."

For the average Husker fan that wants to know a little about what motivates Greg, it's simple. His space. Though he didn't say that exactly, if Greg is in a space or guarding a space that is his, you better stay out, because he takes it kind of personally when people try and intrude on that territory he calls his own. With his pass-blocking especially, Greg is exceptionally guarded (pun intended). "My run-blocking isn't bad at all, because everyone has room for improvement, but when it comes to pass-blocking, nope, it's not going to happen. I got an attitude about that. You're not getting to my quarterback."

Greg's tenacity is just that fierce. Don't kid yourself in thinking that this was one brief comment meant to elicit an emotional stirring amongst the readers with little to no authenticity. This kid is mean. When talking about his camping experience at Nebraska, following a couple of disappointing snaps against some other prospective recruits on the other side of the ball, Greg had, had just about enough. "A couple of them tried to get by me and they were pretty strong, but that's when I had to get right with it and step it down. I take that personally."

Greg has an attitude? You bet, but it's one of those mentalities that leave you wanting more. It's a competitive nastiness that makes him a bonus for anyone, so that begs the question, where was the University of Texas. Make no questions, in Texas, the Longhorns reign supreme. Most people simply expect Texas to get all the great players, so why not this one or why didn't Greg choose to go there. "I had a friend that went to their camp and they were looking for a guy that was 6'4" and that isn't me" Greg stated, "but even before I committed to Nebraska, I said that if UT did offer me a scholarship, I would have committed to Nebraska, so I could show them a little of what they missed out on."

To Texas again, there's going to be a little drama down in Cypress, because some NU fans are amongst the Texas faithful. Not necessarily a new allegiance mind you, but for Greg and family, NU's opponents have now became their opponents and though Greg's father is obviously a little more objective, Greg Jr.'s objectiveness exists, but with a little added zest. "A close family to me is a Colorado family and they really like CU and a family to them is a UT family and I have always liked UT, but it didn't work and you can't set your sights on just one college." And Greg already said that he wanted to show Texas what they missed, but what about every other opponent that lives to take NU down? "They are all enemies now. It's like that. It's payback time."

There is little to add that Greg won't add himself once he steps on the field as a Husker. You wanted to know about his size? Check. You want to know about his thoughts on NU? Check. You want to know about how committed he is? If you don't, read it over again. And, how about his attitude on the field? BIG CHECK. Greg's a player and yet another would-be diamond in the ruff that NU seems to adept at finding. Another member of the "Pipeline" will be added come next season and regardless of when he steps on the field, the only regret you are likely to see is that of whoever is in the four-point position right across from him.

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