Did Noah Keller get his offer from Nebraska?

The Big Red Football School is about learning for most of the campers in attendance. But for some, it's about auditioning as well. It's their chance to show their stuff and hope the coaches recognize the best parts of their game. That's what Kearney linebacker Noah Keller was hoping for and tonight he found out just how his performance was received. So, did he get the offer from Nebraska or not?

Following yet another solid camp performance, Kearney High's Noah Keller went home, feeling good about what he did and showed at the third annual Big Red Football School. "I thought I did well," Keller said of his camp, where he ran a 4.63 and boasted a vertical jump of 36 inches. "I thought it was a good experience and I am happy with how I did."

Since that camp, Keller has just been waiting to hear how he did officially. Keller had said a couple of days ago that he was to contact the staff tonight, where they would tell him what they thought and how he fit into the picture with the Huskers.


"They offered me the same deal they offered Zane Abner," Noah said, indicating that he would be essentially a walk-on for the first two years, with a guranteed scholarship after that. For Keller, it's something, but not quite what he had in mind. "I'm a little disappointed, because I thought I did what I needed to do," he said. "But they did tell me that they would be watching me and there was a chance that if I had a good season, this all could change."

Keller's name has been one of the unknown variety, except for possibly this year, prompted more by the kind of camps he's turned in. His measurables are sick, but Keller said that it was one particular measurable, that might have kept this partial ride from becoming a full one. "Coach Cosgrove said that I needed to improve on my upper body strength," Noah said. "He said he really liked my lower body, but my upper body strength needed to improve a little."

For someone that benches 330 pounds, that came as a bit of a surprise, but Keller didn't look on this evaluation as an indictment of what he could do. He's deciding to use it as he does most anything else. "I look at the positive side of things and this is just something that is going to motivate me to do even better than I did before," Keller said. "We have a good team and I think we are going to have a good year."

The lack of a full offer, though, does prompt Keller to think about the rest of the off-season and what he might end up doing before fall practice begins in approximately a month and a half. "There are some camps starting up in July like Purdue and Wisconsin, so I think I might check those out," he said. "You know, just kind of get my name out there even more and see what happens."

Asked if this lack of an offer upset him or made him bitter about his recruiting experience thus far, Keller reiterated that he's choosing to look at the good, rather than dwell on the negative. "I guess for me, I might go to those camps, but I think it will be important to just continue to work out and put this recruiting stuff aside for awhile and concentrate on my senior season," he said. "We have a chance to have a great year and I want to make sure I am at my best."

"As for the recruiting, we'll see, but I'm not real worried about it right now. I'll just take things as they go."

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