Big-time safety has offers from everyone

It's always important for stars to replace stars. Now, imagine trying to replace a linebacker/safety that played with you on that side of the ball last year, that left to go play at USC. Those are some pretty big shoes to fill. Hence the idea that people need to step up, but it will start with him.

Michael Morgan from Dallas (Texas) Skyline leaves a big void in the Skyline defense this year. A void that could be filled with a lot of Christian Scott. Scott praised how the spring went at Skyline and was happy they made it through healthy.

"Spring ball went really good," Scott said. "No one got hurt, so things went really well."

The chore of replacing Morgan won't be easy. Scott said that it will start this summer by people on the team dedicating themselves to get into the weight room. They will need players to make a difference this fall.

"We got to work hard all summer. We are going to have to get into the weight room and get some players to step up this fall. That is the big part. We should be alright."

During the spring practice was also the evaluation period. While many might get nervous by the presence of college coaches, Scott enjoyed their presence. "I liked the evaluation process a lot. The coaches would be there as you were practicing. It was pretty cool."

It's a bit crazy trying to name off all of the schools that came to Skyline this spring, but Scott gave it a try. "Let me see, LSU, Florida State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Arkansas, TCU, Florida, Texas, Nebraska, Kansas State, and a bunch others."

While Scott might attempt to name off some of the big schools that came out to see him in the spring, he won't even take a stab at the total offers. A total that he isn't even sure of. "I think that I have around 22 or 23 offers. My coach counted 26. I told him that I am missing some then."

With 20+ offers in the bag, there has been no thought about his favorites at all. "I haven't really thought about my favorites. I need to work on that. I was talking with my coaches and I really need to sit down and work on that."

When it comes to making that list of favorites, there are some pretty practical things that Scott will be looking for. While distance doesn't seem to be a part of his decision it was obvious that he isn't too hot on the idea of playing somewhere that is cold.

"Basically I am going to look at how the team has done in the past. I am going to look at the school and how close it is or not, but that probably won't be a deciding factor. I will look at if it's cold there. I don't want to play in the cold if I don't have to. Also, what school offers my major."

At 6-foot-1 and 200 pounds, Scott missed his 40 time chance this year, but as a sophomore recorded a 4.4. That is giving people ideas about a couple of different positions. "Everyone is looking at me to play defense. But, some schools like me at cornerback and some schools like me at safety."

Scott isn't sure of the exact number of tackles he had, but he did know how many interceptions and his total touchdowns for last season. "I don't remember how many tackles. I had four interceptions though. I had six or seven touchdowns either rushing, receiving or returning an interception for a touchdown. I won all-district honors."

The summer has just started, but Scott has already taken the opportunity to get out and make a visit or two. One school that he has already had a chance to visit will probably be on his short list. "I visited Oklahoma. It was good. I liked it a lot. I think that Oklahoma will be up there on my list."

This summer won't be filled with seven on seven or a bunch of camps. Scott is serious about people needing to step up and make an impact on this year's team. "I am just working out everyday. I don't have any other trips planned for this summer."

Scott's decision will more than likely come after all of his official visits have been taken, but could carry out to signing day. "I will probably take all of my visits so I can make my decision sometime after that."

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