Surprise visitor apparently in Lincoln?

Although a bit of an unknown, this quarterback is quietly making a name for himself. Big Red Report caught up with Witt to get his story after scouting him at a 7-on-7 tournament in Rockwall, Texas. It was then that Nebraska had began to pick up an interest in this tall, drop-back quarterback and he spoke about it earlier this week with Big Red Report.

The name Patrick Witt doesn't adorn any national, regional or even Texas top 100 lists, but don't let that fool you. The 6-foot-4 and 215 pound quarterback from Wylie (Texas) has been tough to keep track of. A transfer to Wylie from Georgia, he has never played on a Friday night in Texas, yet.

However, Big Red Report had the opportunity to get out to scout Wylie and Witt at a recent seven on seven tournament. Witt tore it up. After the tournament Witt said that one team had recently picked up their interest in the drop-back passer from Texas.

"I believe that Nebraska called and talked to my coach," Witt said. "They got my film and stuff."

That film won't be playing for Wylie though. "I transferred from Georgia right at the end of January/beginning of February. This will be my first year playing for Wylie in the fall."

As stated before, Witt looked to have command of the Wylie offense like he had been running it since seventh grade. That is due in large part to Witt's work habits.

"I take pride in my study and learning the concepts. As to picking up a new offense there are challenges. I spent time with my coach picking up the offense and learning the concepts. I have been going over the playbook trying to keep myself sharp mentally."

Witt came to Wylie from one of the top programs in the state of Georgia. "I was at Parkview High School, right by Stone Mountain. Some of the best high school football is played there in the state of Georgia. As far as the team goes, we had another great season."

"We were rated number seven overall as one of the top programs in the nation. There is so much tradition there. They won state in 1997, 2000, 2001 and 2002. They played for the title in 1995 and 2004. We actually continued the tradition of making the quarter-finals again for the 13th straight year. We went 10-3. We got beat by a really talented team."

"Personally, I really thought that I had a great season as a junior last year. I made junior mistakes in my first year, but is to be expected. We had a tremendous tailback last year. We were able to balance it out pretty well. We had a great year."

"I threw for a little over 1,000 yards and 12 touchdowns. I also had 250 rushing yards and 15 rushing touchdowns. We mixed it up a little at Parkview, but I was mainly under center though. We were predominantly a running team We got in the gun a bunch and did throw. We were probably an offset-I team if you have to put a name to it."

With such a great season as a junior and endless possibilities at Parkview, why was there a move to Texas from Georgia? "It was a culmination of things. It was a time for my parents, financially, to make a change. My brother is at Harvard. That's a good deal of money to pay for his education. My parents are both pilots and my dad's company at the time was heading in the wrong direction. My mom was commuting to Dallas for 10 years."

When it comes to breaking down Witt, he won't do things that will hurt you on the football field. He is a true drop-back passer who is faster than what you might think for a man his size with 4.9 speed in the 40.

"I am not going to run 80 yard touchdowns. I am a pure, drop-back passer. That is my strength. I think my intelligence is a strength. I take pride in my studies and my preparation. I am very focused as well. I make good decisions and I have confidence in my arm. I put in the hours in film study and I learn from my mistakes."

Witt was sitting on eight written offers and another two verbal offers that did not have financial assistance tied to it. "I have offers from Texas Tech, Wisconsin, Purdue, Indiana, Baylor, UTEP, Tulane and Tulsa. The Ivy League doesn't give scholarships, but Harvard and Princeton both said that I could come there and play football."

To get the opportunity to play at any Ivy League school is amazing, but Witt is as amazing in the classroom as he is on the football field. "I have a brother at Harvard, he's a freshman. I am a 4.7 student on a weighted 4.0 scale. I take pride in my academics and scored a 1390 on the old SAT version."

The summer has been busy with seven on seven and taking advantage of the opportunities to travel with his parents considering their professions. He has been to visit half of the teams that have offered him to this point.

"Recently I have taken a fair amount of visits. This week I was up at Indiana and me and my dad drove up to Purdue. I really enjoyed my time at those schools. I have been to Baylor to visit. The coaches were great there. I have been out to Texas Tech and am going there again this week."

Before Saturday, Witt was planning a trip to Lubbock and we are not sure if he made this trip or not. A tip has said that Witt is in Lincoln, Nebr. this weekend. "We were planning on going to Wisconsin in the place of Texas Tech. That space available travel is a blessing and a curse and we couldn't make it up to Madison."

Witt had just started to pick up Nebraska interest recently and admitted that he didn't know a lot about the team. However, his idea of not knowing a lot differs from someone that really doesn't know a lot about Nebraska.

"I can't say that I know a great deal about them. I know a lot about their coach, Bill Callahan. It would be another great offense to look into. That offense and his experience from the NFL, if you have some success with it in college, you should have some success in the NFL."

"I know that Nebraska is a big football school and their fans are supposedly the best in the country and their facilities are second to none. I would definitely need to get up there to take a look at it."

Big Red Report will bring you the latest on Witt and see whether or not he was in Lincoln this weekend as reported.

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