Top midwest player makes unofficial to NU

Kids are taking unofficial visits now more than ever, but I doubt any or at least, many, have anything on Columbia, Missouri tight end Aron White. He's in the midst of a tour that would tax your average platinum rock band. His latest stop? Nebraska. As White drives off to yet another unofficial visit, he clued us in on what he thought about his experience in Lincoln.

Sitting on approximately 25 offers, Columbia, Missouri tight end Aron White doesn't have to worry about being seen. He's been that and then some, but that does bring up another problem for him. For every school that has offered him, he's tried to get out there and visit.

At this point, he would have already driven one car rental into the ground

"Right now, I have visited Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa, Missouri, South Carolina, Georgia Tech, N.C. State, Georgia, Duke, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt and Nebraska today," White said.

At 6 foot, 4 inches, 210 pounds, with a 40 somewhere in the high 4.6 to low 4.7-range, White has the frame and the foundation to be that versatile tight end, who can create mismatches with his size, yet still remain as a threat down the field. That versatility had him averaging almost 20 yards per catch last year, while scoring 11 touchdowns.

Needless to say it's made him popular – far more than he ever thought, and his trips to see all the teams which have offered him are a testament to how much he wants to find out as much as he can about each team that is looking at him. "It's just a way to get a feel for the campus, the coaches and see what the place is like," White said. "Going into the season, I'd really like to have like a top two or three and this is about the only way to make that even possible."

His latest stop was, of course, Nebraska. As a Missouri fan growing up, White knows all about Nebraska, but without ever being there, there's only so much you can know. From what he's heard, before he arrived, he expected certain things. And to some of those expectations, he found himself a little surprised.

"Well, when you think about Nebraska or when I do, I still think about the old option teams I grew up watching," White said. "So when coach (Shawn) Watson and (Jay) Norvell explain to me their offense, it's a really different Nebraska, but for a tight end like me, that's good."

It's good for him, but not for Nebraska, as they haven't had the use of the playmaking tight end since head coach Bill Callahan and his staff arrived. Senior Matt Herian, broke his leg approaching two years ago and he hasn't seen the field since. And another Missouri native, Michael McNeil, is still slated to arrive as he is part of the recruiting class of 2006.

That means for the two years this new staff has been at Nebraska, they haven't had the kind of tight end they want. "That was really the emphasis I got from my visit, because they were showing me what they wanted to do, but they haven't been able to," White said. "They showed me some films of teams in the NFL, who do what they are trying to do, so it's exciting, because you get to see what role the tight end has."

The surprises didn't stop there, but could have, as White was particularly interested in just what kind of offense he'd play in if he opted to play with the big red. One of those unexpected things was actually the campus itself. Growing up hearing all about Nebraska, watching the success they had, White had this picture in his mind of a monstrous campus, sprawling, containing more of the town than the town contained of it.

"It wasn't like that at all, but that's good, because instead of it feeling like this big city place, it was like a small community," White said. "It felt closer and more comfortable there – something I didn't really expect. But that's a good thing."

Another surprise, which was nice, was the instantaneous rapport he and tight end coach Shawn Watson had from almost the moment he arrived. "We just kind of connected I think," White said. "I felt real comfortable with him, what he was telling me and we just seemed to get along real well. Between him and coach Norvell, I really liked the coaches they have."

When comparing the visit to the already huge list of unofficial visits he's made, White said that Nebraska stacks up there with the best. Between the coaches he met, the offense he learned about and the campus itself, he gave it high marks all around. And it didn't hurt that Nebraska, a place historically known for top notch facilities, is in the middle of yet another upgrade to that, along with a partial expansion of the stadium itself.

"Their facilities are out of this world," White said. "You see everything they are doing and what it's going to look like when the season gets here, they are going to be something else. It's just something you look for in schools, when they are really dedicated to what they do and you know Nebraska is."

With all the unofficial visits he's taken, White is probably halfway through all the trips he's hoping to make before his final year of high school begins. He's on his way to Colorado right now, but he's got another laundry list of teams in the near future. "Later I am taking trips to see Northwestern, Wisconsin, Notre Dame and Michigan State," White said. "And if I can, I am going to try and make it out west and go see Arizona State, Stanford and Cal. And I don't have anything set yet, but I'd like to get back down south so I can see Clemson."

Even if White takes all of these trips, he's not planning on making a decision before his season even starts. Wanting to get to see what some of these campuses are like during the season, when campus life and the experience is at its peak, White will be making a return trip to some of those schools mentioned above.

Will Nebraska be one of those teams? Have they passed the litmus test thus far? White couldn't say as to the official visit, but his impressions leaving Lincoln are considerably stronger than those he had coming in. "You take the visits so you can learn about those things you didn't know," White said. "I learned a lot about Nebraska that I didn't know."

"I got along great with the coaches, which is very important, and I liked the campus. Plus, I liked what I saw of the town. I am looking at everyone right now and just taking it all in, so I can't say who I like in what order. Nebraska is up there, though. They stack up there with the best."

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