Texas wideout gaining in popularity

It's amazing how few schools go into Texas, while the University of Texas is still recruiting. They probably figure it's best simply not to waste the time. So, they wait for Texas to fill up and once they do, the teams come flocking in for anyone that Texas didn't offer. Wide receiver Jonathan Jones is one of those, and he's gaining popularity seemingly by the week.

It wasn't a real long time ago when Jones was looking at a couple of offers and exploring the opportunities he had. Now, he's already trying to figure out how to narrow some of it down. While there are still some offers on the table he's looking for, he knows that sitting on 10 offers isn't bad, especially when they are from schools like Texas A&M, Colorado, Nebraska, Arkansas, Washington State and Ole Miss.

Not really a surprise when you look at Jones' numbers, both physically and what he's done on the field. As a player, Jones stands 6 foot, 4 inches tall, weighs right around 190 pounds and has been timed in the 40 running a 4.4. As for his actual performance, Jonathan averaged 11 yards per reception last year on offense, while grabbing four interceptions on defense and notching just over 50 tackles

"It's been good. The attention has really picked up," Jones said of the recruiting. "I have gone to a few camps too, and I think I am going to try and make some more."

Thus far Jones has been to camps at UTEP, Texas, Texas A&M and TCU, and plans to attend camps at LSU and Arkansas. And if things work out, he'll attend another, this one at Florida State, scheduled for early July.

Even with all the offers he has, Jones is still trying to get his name out there, because not every team he's looking at, is looking at him quite as much as he would like. "I really like the Florida teams. I wouldn't mind playing down there," Jonathan said of Miami, Florida and Florida State. "UT was kind of where I always wanted to go, but not so much anymore."

If you are noticing anything in common with these teams, it isn't just the fact that all of them are considered one of the elite. There's more than a few teams that fall into that category. What these have in common is their location. Well, their region to be more specific. "I'm not real big on cold weather, to be honest," Jonathan said. "I'd play in it if I have to, but if I had my choice, I'll go where it's a little warmer."

It's probably no wonder then, when you ask Jones about his list of favorites, all of them reside in the southern part of the country. "Right now I like Arkansas, Texas, Miami, LSU and Florida State," Jones said. "I'm really open, but those are the ones I like now."

As to when he'll make a decision, because many of his teams are still question marks as to the interest they are showing him, he's keeping everything as open as he can until after his final season of high school football is done. Once it is and his official visits are taken, then he'll figure out just where he wants to go.

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