Lewis says Huskers are out in front

Mention the name Coach Phil Elmassian to Travis Lewis and the first thing that you will hear is laughter. Laughter from thinking about their conversations and how fun it is to talk to the coach from Nebraska. Lewis is now receiving encouragement about his feelings for Nebraska from another source. Has it put Nebraska on top?

The summer is spent many different ways by different people. Many get out and try to see as many schools as possible and others just spend it trying to get ready for the season. Travis Lewis, a 6-foot-2 and 220 pound athlete from San Antonio (Texas) Lee has been working this summer.

"Oh yeah," Lewis said. "I have just been working out and relaxing. Football is my life. I am trying to improve my strength because you can always get stronger. I think that my speed is fine. I run well. Really this summer is about getting stronger and quicker."

One significant thing has changed since the last time Big Red Report caught up with Lewis last time. An acquaintance, now turned friend, but still a player from a rival high school has committed to Nebraska.

"Me and Ian Harris are friends. He called me about his commitment to Nebraska. I just told him that I am excited for him and I congratulated him. He's a really good athlete."

"He wants me to go to Nebraska with him. I've known Ian know since the eighth grade. We are catching up on old times. He know goes to our rival high school. We talk about guys in the district and stuff like that."

Lewis had Oklahoma and Nebraska on the top of his list. A new time has emerged a bit, but they have not offered. He is taking things slow, not really thinking about recruiting right now.

"Um yeah it is (Nebraska and Oklahoma leading), but I like USC too. They haven't offered or anything, but I am talking to them too. I am just taking it easy now and not making any decisions."

"I would say that Nebraska is the top of my list. The way that Nebraska talks to me makes me know that they are excited about me."

Lewis will be playing safety next year for Lee more than likely, but at 6-foot-2 and 220 pounds, college coaches have him touted to play a little closer to the line of scrimmage. It's the sub-4.4 speed though that could keep Lewis as an option at safety or running back though.

"I don't know if I am playing safety either (in college). I think that everyone likes me as a linebacker. I haven't really talked to them about which position they like me at. Nebraska is recruiting me to play linebacker."

"Most of the schools want me to play linebacker. Some of the schools are looking at me to play running back. Most like me on defense though."

Lewis is keeping in touch with Nebraska. But, he is trying to stay in touch with all of the schools that he is interested in. "I try to call Nebraska and Coach Elmassian once a week. The schools that I am interested in I try and call them once a week. I try to keep in touch. I haven't spoke to Coach Elmassian for a couple of weeks now."

There are no summer plans to do any traveling. Lewis will be spending his time now trying to get ready for the fall. "No. I was going to try and get to a camp at USC, but that fell through. Now, I am just working out and trying to get ready for my senior season."

Lewis is planning on making his official visits during the fall and is really excited about just getting a chance to travel. "Hopefully! If schools invite me to go take an official and see some of their games I would love that. I have never been to a college game, ever. I have never been out of Texas."

"If I could get up to see some of these games, see some of these campuses and I would love that. That is if they invite me. I hope that they do."

One school that seems to be in line for an official from Lewis is Nebraska. Lewis could be looking at plans that includes him traveling to Lincoln with Harris for that weekend. "Nebraska has talked to me about me and Ian getting up to see one of their games."

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