Witt reflects on a very long day

Many kids end the process to get away from a ringing phone. To end text messages. Little did Patrick Witt know about the whirlwind of calls and requests that follow a commitment of a quarterback to Nebraska. Witt spent nearly all afternoon on the phone either committing or talking about it. He caught up with Big Red Report after the dust settled a bit.

Patrick Witt is a Husker. Husker Nation can now breathe again. What looked like doom and gloom following offers committing elsewhere and offers not being extending ended when the 6-foot-4 and 210 pound Witt finally committed to Nebraska today.

It all seemed so quick. One week there was a visit and an offer. The next week there was a commitment. People might think that he cut the corners, but he and his family went through the process as thoroughly as possible.

"It was one thing we as a family that we should take time," Witt said. "I knew that I would have to come home, pray about it and weigh the pros and cons. Going to Nebraska, I thought to myself about what it would take to be clear to me that was the school."

Witt said that he was blown away by the visit to Nebraska. However, it was more than that. He had seen numerous other campuses and schools before. It was everything about Nebraska that when you added it all up let to a comfort level that he didn't have anywhere else.

"I just went up to Nebraska and felt very comfortable there. I felt at home. I thought that I could easily see myself there for the next four to five years. We felt that the opportunity there was so great. Nothing was going to change that. Nebraska was the school I wanted to be at. We knew that we had to make a commitment before someone else realized what we did."

That commitment to Nebraska came dangerously close to never happening. The recruiting game is as much a game of inches as the game of football. Nebraska had contacted Witt just in time to give him something else to think about and, when flights failed to one school, the time to set up a trip to visit Lincoln.

"I was starting to narrow things down a little bit and a time to eliminate some schools. I really needed to narrow my list to a top two or top three. Had I not gotten the text message from Nebraska and had I gotten on that flight to Lubbock then things could have been different."

"Things worked out in such a way that I really think that God had something to do with it. I came up there to Nebraska and everything had changed. Everything had become a lot more clear. A lot more focused."

The idea was to wait until his older brother, Jeff, returned from Bolivia. There was everything to talk about to a big brother that was already playing quarterback in college. However, it was as much Nebraska's good fortune for the timing of their contact as it might have been for Witt's commitment.

"My dad had come home from the Dr. and he had been thinking about it and I had been too. It was up to me and I would have liked to have waited until my brother came home from Bolivia to commit. But, we kind of woke up this morning and said to ourselves that we need to move on this and if we don't someone else will. That would really mess some things up, because this is what I wanted."

So now what is a commitment to do? Well, Witt would like to start out by getting a chance to take his brother up to Lincoln. From there, it might be to see what he can start to work on to prepare himself for Lincoln. He doesn't know if that is possible or not, but all he knows is that there is work to be done. Work that he is excited to get started with.

"I would like to get up there as much as possible. I would like to get my brother up there and let him see what I saw and see why Nebraska was right for me. I would like to work as much as I can this fall with Coach Jay Norvell over the phone, if I can."

"There are some things as far as mental preparation that I need to catch up on in comparison to the quarterbacks that are already there. There is a lot to get done. There is a lot of work ahead of me. I am excited about it. I am just going to go full-steam ahead and I just can't wait to get up there in January."

Hard work is something that Witt has been putting in now. Wylie is making a difficult jump from 4A to 5A this year in Texas. Not only that, they will be led by a coach in his first year of head coaching at Wylie. That doubt and that skepticism seems to be giving Witt and his teammates fuel for a fire that already burns to get on the field and prove them all wrong.

"Things are going great. We are moving up to 5A this year and there are the critics and those that are skeptical of us moving up into a tough district. My teammates that I have around me at Wylie all have this mental toughness and this mentality that we are going to go out there and prove you wrong. That is really the motivation for us this year."

"We are seeing definite improvement in seven on seven. I don't think that we have lost a game in two to three weeks. We have just really picked up the tempo and things are hitting on all cylinders. I know that with working with these guys that I have gotten a lot more comfortable. The timing is there, we anticipate things better and we are much more efficient now as the summer goes on."

Besides making note of his own improvements with his teammates on the field he has been getting kudos from his opponents and spectators. People that might not be so fortunate to have such a quarterback on their team right now or just flat-out wish that a transfer like Witt could land in their part of their school district.

"There have been kids on other teams that have said that they are willing to buy my gas and my food if I would just come to their school and be their quarterback. There have also been some coaches in a joking fashion ask me what it would take to come to their school. I am a Wylie Pirate, 100%. I am a Nebraska Cornhusker just as much."

Witt made mention that despite his commitment that he has still received text messages from other schools. Despite that attention, Witt did say that his recruiting is over. He has found a home. A place that he made a commitment to and that he would stand behind that word.

"It definitely is. I have made my commitment. It is based on trust, it's just a verbal commitment. I am a man of my word. I am going to stick behind that. I told them that I am committed to them and I mean it. I wouldn't have committed if I wasn't 100% sure. As far as other schools talking to me, it's flattering. I have made up my mind and I know where I will be playing next year."

Through all of the mess there seems to be a story taking away from the real story and that is the question if Scout.com/Big Red Report was supposed to release the story today. While it is saddening that such a situation would detract from such a special day, Witt did comment that nothing was done wrong. "Yes you had my blessing to run the story. I called you and told you to run the story. I wouldn't be talking to you right now if you wouldn't have done today what I wanted you to."

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