It's only a matter of time

At 6-foot-2 and 200 pounds, Brandon Herron can fly with his 4.4 speed. He's the type of athlete that Nebraska has been looking to bring in at linebacker and he's excited about Nebraska. The problem? Well, that seems to be just a matter of time before that gets sorted out.

You gotta love talking to Brandon Herron. This quiet, modest, humble individual that on the field is a linebacker with great ability and unbelievable athleticism. It's like the calm before the storm. The 6-foot-2 and 200 pound Herron recently came close to pulling the commitment trigger in favor of Nebraska.

"I really do like Nebraska and I can see myself playing there," Herron said. "I can see myself being a superstar there. I just want to go up there and do the best that I can and be the best."

Herron hasn't seen Nebraska, but from what he has heard about it and knows about how Nebraska is going to use him on the field, Herron feels like he could fit in that role.

"I see myself playing really early at Nebraska. They said that they want playmakers on the field and that's what I am with my speed. They are very impressed with my speed."

Herron heard about it from his recruiting coach at Nebraska that they want him and how they intend to use him. More than that, in the type of role that Nebraska would like to use him he sees himself as being able to not only fill that role, but thrive in it.

"Coach Gilmore has sat down with the other Nebraska coaches and they really like me. They want me up there. They are very impressed with my speed and my ability to go sideline to sideline. I think that I really fit into the situation there with my speed and athleticism. I could do big things for Nebraska."

Herron came close, probably as close as you can get, to giving a coach his verbal commitment. However, this is a process and has to consist of more than his thoughts and their words. He needs to see some of it for himself.

"I told Coach Ted Gilmore that I am ready to shut it down. My dad keeps telling me to wait and let the Lord guide me. I have been quiet have let the Lord guide me. Like I told Coach Gilmore, I am pretty sure that there aren't any better options out there for me, but I am going to wait."

"I told myself that I am a Cornhusker. I told Coach Gilmore that I am a Cornhusker, but it's just going to take time for me to tell the whole world."

Time and a visit is what it will take from one of the top linebackers in the state of Texas from pulling the commitment trigger in favor of Nebraska. "I want to take a visit before I do anything. I know that it's a beautiful place and I know that it's a beautiful campus. I just want to see the place first before I commit to Nebraska."

The visit date isn't known yet by Herron, but it should be soon. Husker fans will eagerly await that date being set. "I haven't set up the official visit yet. My dad told me to give him some time to see about which weekend we can make it to Nebraska before we go and set it up."

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