Florida LB could officially visit Huskers

With the newfound emphasis in the state of Texas, it's easy to forget there are hotbeds throughout the country. Nebraska certainly hasn't lost focus of that, hitting the trail hot and heavy in from the west coast to the east. In Florida, there's one particular linebacker, who is sitting on over 30 offers, who says his first official visit could be to see the Huskers.

At the end of February, Immokalee, Florida linebacker Brian Rolle had two offers, one from UNLV and the other to Ole Miss. Not bad, but 120 tackles in nine games as a junior, along with almost 550 yards from the fullback position and eight touchdowns – you'd think he could do better.

He has

To the tune of over 30 written offers, Rolle said that the months have been kind and a bit crazy. "I can't even describe the attention, it's been excellent," Rolle said. "I can't even keep track of all the offers anymore. I honestly never thought I'd be in this position."

Now don't misunderstand Rolle as he has confident in his ability. But all the way back to even before high school, he thought the varsity team would be his main goal. After that, a job, a life and who knows. But it wasn't going to be football. "Yeah, high school was going to be it for me, because that's all I thought I was going to be good enough to do," Brian said. "But as you play, people start to notice and then you start thinking about what is possible."

All the while he was growing up, though he didn't think it was possible, his dream, much like many dreams of kids in the sunshine state, was to be a Miami Hurricane. They had the tradition, speed and swagger, which attracted kids not just from within the state, but well beyond its borders. That's what Brian wanted, but as the offers rolled in, and teams swamped him with attention, there was one glaring absence.

"They haven't really recruited me," Rolle said of Miami. "I dreamt about playing for them, but they haven't acted like they even want me. I don't think I am all that, but you want to go where schools want you. Miami doesn't, so I'm moving on."

The offer from Miami isn't there, but there are plenty of teams to replace them. Of the over 30 offers, Rolle said that Florida, Nebraska, Virginia, West Virginia, South Carolina, Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, Auburn, Alabama and LSU are on the list. Obviously, there are a lot more.

That begs the question, especially considering the fact that he only has five official visits allowed, how do you take an enormous list and knock it down to just a few. "To tell you the truth, I don't have any idea right now," Brian said with a laugh. "There's so much to look into, so much these schools have to offer, I don't really know where to start."

With the list he has right now of those teams have offered him, especially considering his location, teams outside of Florida and most definitely outside of the SEC, are probably on the outside looking in.

Rolle would be the first to disagree with that, adamant about the fact that when he takes into considering what matters most to him, location doesn't mean a thing. "Hey, I'm getting to go someplace and get an education for free. And I also get to play football," he said. "It doesn't matter where I go. What matters is how it fits me. If that is in the state of Florida, great, but if not, that's great too."

"Location doesn't mean a thing."

Husker fans would take heart in that, but we are still talking about getting a kid from the sunshine state, asking him to skip over the SEC, ACC, Big East and even the Big 10, and land in the land of the Big 12. Most fans of the big red would still be skeptical at best.

Ironic then that when I asked if there were any teams that he might consider taking an official to right now, Brian had only one tentatively in mind. "I'd like to take an official to Nebraska for the game with Texas," Rolle said of the Oct. 21st game, when the Huskers host the Longhorns. "There's nothing really set up, but that's one of the visits I am thinking of, but I am looking at everyone right now."

That official, should it happen, is obviously a long ways away. Until his final season of ball starts, there are a few unofficial trips he's scheduled to make. Starting with a Florida camp in July, Rolle is planning on making it to South Carolina for a visit, and visiting Clemson as well. After that, it's probably going to be the time he's been looking forward to the most.

"Man, I can't wait for the season, because I am just one of those guys that loves to play the game," he said. "I love to watch film, I love practice – it's just a great game to be a part of."

Rolle will obviously be part of that game at the collegiate level. Where will be determined, but not anytime soon. Rolle said that his official visits could all take place during the season or he might wait to take some of them afterward. The last thing he's thinking about right now is time. "I've got time and that's good, because there's so many choices out there and I am trying to figure out where to start," he said. "I don't know, but it's a great opportunity to have."

"I just know that I'll go where it fits me the best and where I have a chance to get an opportunity to play. I don't need any promises. Just give me a shot. It's up to me to do the rest."

Rolle currently has a 3.65 GPA

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