Jacob Amie favoring two

One of the top athletes in the state of Texas is Jacob Amie. Whether he is a tight end or a wide receiver could be debated. He would tell you that he would prefer wide receiver, but he would play anywhere you would ask him to. After losing his cell phone things have been quiet. He is still staring at a top two.

One of the top players in the state of Texas has to be Jacob Amie. The 6-foot-4.5 and 230 pound receiver from Tyler (Texas) Lee has had some quiet past couple of weeks since school got out. Not by his choice.

"Somebody stole my phone the Friday I got out of school," Amie said. "I haven't been getting any calls lately and I haven't called anyone. I lost all of my numbers."

Beyond his summer starting on a bad note, things have been going good from there. Lee is qualified to play for state seven on seven coming in the next couple of weeks.

"The summer has been going good. We have been doing seven on seven and we are now state qualified. We go down to College Station on July 14 for state."

Amie said that things have been going very good for him and his team in seven on seven. "Personally, I have been doing great in seven on seven. Football for me has never been better."

Amie is also staying busy in the classroom every day with three hours of class every morning. Right after school is working out for football. He mentioned that he is in class every day with two other players with Nebraska offers.

"I am in summer school from 9-12 every day, but after school I go right down and work upper body. I then go outside and do ladder drills to work on my quickness."

"Tekerrian Cuba and Marquise Franklin are both in school with me this summer. They are both holding Nebraska offers now with me. Summer school is more to make sure that I can get qualified."

At 6-foot-4.5 and 230 pounds it could be argued where Amie is best suited to play. He is hearing that Nebraska likes him at one or maybe the other, but to him it really doesn't matter. "I had heard that Nebraska liked me as a tight end, but then again I heard that they liked me as a receiver. It really doesn't matter."

Amie isn't quite sure who have all offered. He knows that he just recently picked up an offer from a Big 12 North team. He did his best to name off all of the teams that have offered, but he knows that he left some off.

"I recently picked up an offer for Colorado. I don't know how many I have off of the top of my head. Most of them are Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Colorado, Colorado State, Nebraska, Rice, Texas A&M, Kansas State, Baylor, UTEP, Missouri and there are some others."

That's a lot of offers and Amie has had some time to sit down and think about which teams he likes. There are two Big 12 teams that he seems to be favoring right now, but it's obvious that he would like to do some more research on the topic of favorites.

"I am high on Texas Tech and Nebraska too. I like Nebraska, but I haven't got to talk to Coach Randy Jordan very much because of my phone. I need to look at their depth chart because that is big to me. I would say Texas Tech and Nebraska are about even and then there is Missouri and probably UCLA."

When it comes to picking out his favorites he will be looking for a few key things. "I am looking at the depth chart, how friendly the coaches are, where the school is, but not really how far away it is, and of course their academics. Those are all the things that I will be looking at."

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