The next commit for the big red?

With the recent flurry in recruiting, fans once resigned to just waiting around for commits are now wondering how soon the next one will be. At one point Oak Creek high school's Victor Reynolds was just waiting for the right time and opportunity and he too would join the big red. Is that still the case? Is he still all about the big red? Is it still just a matter of time?

Most high school football players around the country right now, are waiting on pins and needles for the day they can once again strap on the pads. For some it's another opportunity and for some, it's the last opportunity, the last year they will be able to do that at the prep level.

Oak Creek high school in Wisconsin, a perennial powerhouse in the state - they have already strapped it on as they prepare for the 2006 season. You won't hear any complaints out of safety Victor Reynolds. There's no place he'd rather be.

"This is what you look forward to, and it's nice to get the pads on and get ready for the season," he said. "We are a real tight bunch and we have real high hopes about our team this year."

To say they have high hopes, when you consider this is Oak Creek, that's a little deceiving, because there's usually only one hope for the team: rolling through the schedule and stomping their way to a state title.

With the recent influx of talent from around the state via transfers, including Taylor last year, on paper it would seem that they are going to do just that.

Reynold's is reserved in his optimism, though, because he knows that it takes more than a lot of studs to bring home the ultimate prize. "Having all the players is good, but you have to work as a team, be close as a team and really operate as one unit," he said. "It's not enough to just have the players. You have to have the attitude too."

"We've got that. Everyone knows what we have a chance to do and while most teams are still sitting around waiting to strap it on, we're out there making sure we are ready for anything."

That's not all Reynolds is ready for.

As the recruiting process has continued, Reynolds has had a few teams he's liked, but one that he's really taken to. While he has a host of offers for his prowess on the track, he's been looking more at his future on the gridiron. And one team has really stood the test of time for him, Reynolds saying that from start to finish, they have been the same. And that's just one of the reasons why he sees himself playing there in the future.

"With coach Cosgrove and coach Callahan, they have always given it to me straight, they are strictly business and there's not much more you need to say about the tradition they have there," Reynolds said of Nebraska defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove and head coach Bill Callahan. "They've got the facilities, the academics and the fans."

Point of fact, Reynolds has thought this way for awhile, but he's just waiting on one final thing to seal the deal, so he can become part of the big red. "I need to make a visit down there, sometime between now and my season," Victor said. "I'm not really looking at anyone else, but I need to make that visit to just kind of reinforce everything I'm thinking about them right now."

"After that, I'm pretty sure that's where I am going to be."

When you talk about Reynolds, if you have seen him in person, you don't need to wonder about what kind of athlete he can be. He's built, basically putting it. Actually, he's stacked. At just over 6 foot tall, weighing 193 pounds, he's physically a freak. Add to that the fact that he's ran as fast as a 10.8 100 meter and boasts track offers from the likes of Texas, UCLA and Oklahoma, athleticism is the last concern you have.

One concern, though, was grades, and if this were two years ago, you'd have reason to worry. Reynolds himself admitted that before he realized he had a chance to go to college, school just wasn't all that important. "My freshman and sophomore year, I really didn't care too much about school," he said. "I had about a 2.0 GPA my freshman year and about a 2.5 as a sophomore."

"I got it figured out, though, and I had a 3.2 last year, which brings my core up to around a 2.5. Grades will be the last thing stopping me."

It seems the only thing stopping Reynolds right now is time. Well, that and simply being able to make it down to Lincoln, so he can see what he wants to see. For him he's not wondering if he'll be convinced, because he's certain he will. He just needs to make that visit, so he knows beyond a doubt.

When he'll know is the question, and for Husker fans looking for yet another standout safety, with a huge upside, it probably can't be soon enough. Victor would agree. "If I could visit there today I would," he said. "I am supposed to get something set up here pretty soon and I am hoping that I could make it down there in a week."

"If I can get down there, I'm pretty certain I'll have my decision, maybe before the visit is even done."

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