Another Florida LB with an offer from NU

Nebraska has one of the sickets groups of linebackers this year. But that kind of success doesn't last. Graduation and the draft take a once great group and before you know it, they are gone. So, Nebraska continues its search for quality LBs, and one in particular they have offered had a whopping 16 sacks as a junior. With numbers that sick, it looks like he could fit in nicely with the big red.

If you are a linebacker standing right around six foot and weighing 215 pounds, people are going to dismiss you pretty quickly. After all, in the day and age of the stereotyping with positions, six foot isn't a linebacker, it's a safety.

But after Calvin Sutton takes the field for his Deland, Florida team, all the doubters probably catch themselves taking back what they said.

Would you take a six foot linebacker who notched 16 sacks as a junior? Would you take a linebacker, who also totaled over 100 tackles that year? How about a six footer, who has run as fast as a 4.47, but runs consistently low 4.5s and he cleans (380) even more than he benches (approx. 315).

Evidently Nebraska would, as they have offered the sunshine state standout, but of course, they have some company. At this point Calvin said that along with the Huskers, Florida International, Alabama, Kentucky and Auburn have offered him in writing. That's not much for quantity, but with the exception of FIU, that's pretty darn good quality, no matter who you are.

For Calvin, he likes where he's at right now, but he's even more hopeful for the future. "I've got some good offers, so I'm happy, but there's always more you can get, I guess," he said. "I wouldn't mind getting an offer from either Florida or Florida State."

That goes without saying for most of the kids, who grew up inside the state of Florida. Invariably there is one, maybe two of the big three, which they like. Not all three, of course, because if you grow up loving one, you probably have one that you hate. "Miami is kind of the school around here nobody likes," Calvin said. "I grew up a Florida fan, but I like Florida State too. Not Miami, though. I couldn't see myself going there."

While Sutton did say that getting an offer from either the Noles or the Gators was a big deal, he insisted that it didn't mean recruiting was all but done, if those came in the mail. It's about more than the offers, he said, and he was going to make sure that he found the right school for him. "I want to go somewhere I can play," he said. "With some of the smaller schools, there's probably a good chance, but with some of the bigger schools, you don't really know. I know there's competition, but I just want to go someplace I'll get the same chance as everyone else."

Sutton would describe himself as physical. He'd also describe himself as a person who likes to read the play from afar. Playing the outside linebacker position, he has a chance to be both on any given play. He likes that, especially considering the kind of freedom he gets, because when he sees there's a shot on someone in the open, he's going to be the one to take it.

"I'm knocking the guy's head off. You don't really think too much before you hit him. All you think is that you don't want him getting up," Calvin said.

You can see plenty of reasons why Sutton is getting attention, and from what he says is coming in the mail in the form of letters from schools all over, it's only going to increase as time goes on. That's all good for him, because he's definitely looking all over, and it won't be a name, which gets him, it will be a place which fits him to a tee.

"If I like it, that's where I'll be," Sutton said of his future school. "There are some teams I like, but that doesn't mean it is the right place for me. I'm looking at everyone, so we'll see. I have a lot of time to make my decision."

Sutton reports a 2.6 GPA

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