What's keeping Ricky Thenarse out of Lincoln?

Not long ago, Ricky Thenarse was happy. He received his results from his SAT and knew that if he kept his grades where they were, he'd be good to go. With Thenarse not being on campus yet, though, one had to wonder if his grades went down or something else happened, stopping him from making it to Lincoln. Ricky talked about his situation and just what he expects will happen in the near future.

The last thing Husker commit Ricky Thenarse was thinking about once he found out that his score on the SAT was good enough, coupled with his GPA, was the process it takes for those scores to be "official" so to speak.

Since then he's found out, because the process of those grades actually getting to the University is more than what he thought. "We've been waiting on the scores to get sent to Nebraska, but we needed to send a check," Thenarse said of the payment apparently needed to process this paperwork and send it to Lincoln. "So, that's what I'm waiting on. Everyone told me not to worry about it. It just takes time. But it's taking too much time for me."

While almost the entire recruiting class of 2006 save a few, works out together in Lincoln and has a chance to get to know one another during the summer, Thenarse has found himself languishing in California, wanting to get to the land of the big red. It hasn't been a very long wait at this point, his high school finishing up on June 22nd. It's enough, though, because since the day he committed to Nebraska, getting there is all he's been thinking about. "Yeah, I just want to get there and get ready to play," Ricky said. "I did what I needed to do to make it, so now I just want to go."

Thenarse said that while he doesn't have a timeframe on just when all this paperwork will get processed, he's figuring it won't be very long. "They said it shouldn't take too long, so hopefully it will be soon," he said.

Thenarse making it to Lincoln was important once he made the pledge to be a future Husker. But recent events have made it almost a priority. With the recent legal troubles of Husker commit Major Culbert, and it appearing as if he will most certainly not be a Husker this year, if ever, Thenarse making it to Lincoln is a must.

At the safety position Nebraska lost both of their starters in Blake Tiedtke and Daniel Bullocks. Replacing them, at least at this point, are senior free safety Andrew Shanle and junior strong safety Tierre Green.

While Shanle has a bundle of experience at the position, playing much of last year, along with competing for the starting job before the 2005 season began, Green can't say the same thing. The safety spot becomes the third position for Green, moving initially from running back to corner, and now finding himself playing in the front part of the secondary.

With so many unknowns at this position, players like Thenarse, along with fellow commits for the class of 2006; Corey Young and Anthony West, Nebraska needs all the bodies they can get.

Thenarse certainly wants to be one of those, is expecting to, and now just has to wait. But that's easier than you think. "When you think about the fact that I should have been there already, you don't like to wait, but that's just how it goes," Ricky said. "I just want to get there. I just want to get there and get ready to do my thing."

Ricky had a whopping 153 tackles from the safety position as a senior, in addition to 3 interceptions. On offense he accumulated approx. 2,000 yards in total offense, running for 1,344 yards, along with 648 yards receiving.

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