#2 LB, Lamar Woodley

As workouts go, there exist a few legends in the football world. Jerry Rice has been known as one of the most ruthless workout veterans in terms of the battering he gives his body trying to maintain his legendary performance. Lamar Woodley entertains his own method of self-torture, so that he can be at his very best. Thus far, that has equaled one of the most highly touted linebackers in the country, but he's just getting started.

Lamar Woodley Profile

Lamar Woodley - LB - 6-2, 250, 4.7 - Saginaw, MI. - Watching tapes of Walter Payton and Lawrence Taylor in what could almost be considered brutal workouts, Lamar has managed to stay in the shape he has and even get better. This kind of dedication is why he's rated where he is and is getting attention from the schools that are knocking on or should I say, down his door. Workouts like this are just a step in that direction, but one that Lamar takes eagerly.

Lamar and friend are seen running up "The Hill". A steep incline that would have most people's calves burning halfway up the first time around. Lamar does it a few times more. "It's about 50 yards up and I try to run that 10 times a day." Lamar stated. Little wonder that Lamar is as fit as he is, also little wonder at his dedication to being one of the very best in the nation.

With over a dozen offers on the table, I asked Lamar to name off some of the "biggies", to which Lamar replied simply,"All of them are big". Here's a brief summary of some: Michigan, Michigan State, USC, Nebraska, Miami, Florida, Purdue and Ohio State. Yep, those are "biggies" all right. Needless to say, the attention is intense from the aforementioned schools.

Right now, Lamar has taken two unofficial visits, both to the in-state powers, Michigan and Michigan State. Woodley doesn't plan anymore, but he's already looking to where his officials are going to be. "I got three so far", Woodley stated. "Michigan, Michigan State and USC." As for candidates for the other two visits, one contender is certainly Miami from Woodley's statements and as to the last one, "I'm wide open right now".

He's wide open on his last team and it's also how Lamar describes his playing style. Wide open, fast, physical and in your face all at the same time. Oh, let's not forget intensity. Wide open shots on unsuspecting ball carriers get one response from Woodley. "Yeah boy, it's a highlight shot coming."

There isn't a real time-line for Woodley as it pertains to his officials. Though most like to have theirs done either prior or after the season, Lamar plans on taking his during and as for when he is going to make that decision on where he goes, "I'll make that decision as soon as I know where I am going." We know the recruiting-loving country will be watching and waiting for when just that happens.

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