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When you are good, you are good. Teams clamor after you, want your services for the next four years and what you did the year before has said (to them) how good you might be. But, what if you get better? No, not a little better, but a lot better. With the physical improvements Carnell Stewart has made over the off-season, what was already impressive may (this year) end up being just insane.

Carnell Stewart Profile

Carnell Stewart - DT - 6-5, 297, 4.78/40 - Take a quick look left. Over at his weight and 40 time. Those aren't typos, they are what Stewart reports he has improved to. Stewart was already being recruited by just about everyone, so what do you think those new and improved personal bests will do for his popularity? Carnell already has enough scholarship offers to make a comfortable bed spread, but it looks like he's going to get to add some sheets, a pillow case or two and maybe even a comforter.

With speed training, weight training and a regiment that would make a marine proud, Stewart has made himself to even a more impressive figure than he was last season. At almost a half a second slower and with about 5 percent less body fat, Stewart was still able to stomp the competition to the tune of a reported 90 tackles and 8 sacks. From the DT position, that's not good, it's damn good.

Add to Carnell's obvious athleticism, a mental preparedness for just about anything. Why? Because he plays on a team that shifts between the 4-3 defense and the 5-0 defense, sometimes in the same game. Yeah, in the same game. You might see that kind of adjustment in college from time to time, but in high school, to say it's rare is an understatement. Carnell himself that it can be a little frustrating at times. "Sometimes, we will move our defense to the right into the gaps and have to move them right back to where they were" Stewart stated. "And sometimes, we would get so confused, we would be bouncing back and forth and would have to call a timeout."

Carnell (closest to left) celebrates with team
after title.

There's no doubt that getting used to that kind of variation is tough, mentally tough, but it gives Carnell not only a unique advantage in how to be ready for a multitude of offensive attacks, but it also prepares him for the mental edge you need in defending either the run or the pass equally well. "We break down the games during practice all the time and whether we are defending the run or the pass, we prepare ourselves to do the other one" Stewart stated. "It's a different way you have to think, but you have to be ready to do both of them when the offense changes what they are doing."

To overstate the obvious, Carnell is getting some attention. Ok, he's getting a lot of attention. You can almost name the big dogs out there and they have been knocking down his door. From Colorado to Miami, Michigan to Oklahoma it's not a question of who is, but who isn't..So, with that being said, instead of asking Carnell who has offered him, I asked him who hasn't offered him that he wouldn't mind seeing. One school came up. "Nebraska." Stewart stated. "I've been watching them for a long time. I just always grew up with Nebraska basically."

Carnell has three teams that he plans on visiting officially around December. No dates have been set up as of yet, but Carnell plans on taking trips to see Colorado, Michigan and Miami. As for the other two, Stewart said that he had time to mull that over, but how many schools are going to be frothing at the mouth to be amongst the vacant two spots? Keep counting.

A self-described thinker is more thought of as a warrior. A player that said he over analyzes things sometimes is thought to be an instinctive dominator. Maybe there's a personal duality going on , but it certainly hasn't hurt his game. Carnell will easily be one of the rising studs this year, even above what he has already done. You might be able to throw in enough offers to lay down some carpet before it's all said and done.

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