Cuba still considering Huskers

It's a predicament that most teams love to have. Where do you put a guy that can literally play three different positions on the field? Tekerrien Cuba gives teams that flexibility. Whether it's at safety, cornerback, or wide receiver Cuba is an asset to which team he will select. Right now it appears to be a three horse race for his services.

Tekerrien Cuba is a heck of an athlete wherever he is on the field. At 6-foot-2 and 190 pounds, he still carries a 4.5/40 time. He will be playing in the secondary this year for Tyler (Texas) Lee.

"The summer is going fine," Cuba said. "I have been working out and I have summer school. I am trying to improve my strength. Both upper body and lower body."

A popular thing in Texas in the summer is passing league. Lee has been doing very well this summer. "I have been doing seven on seven passing league. I have been doing good and the team has been doing good. We are qualified for state."

Cuba will be playing just the one position this fall for Lee, but could easily step on the other side of the ball and make an impact. "I am only going to play safety this fall. I could play wide receiver, but they just have me on defense."

It's well-known that Cuba has those abilities to play other positions and teams have told him that they like him at a variety of positions. "I am being recruited by some to play wide receiver, some at cornerback and most of them like me at safety."

As of right now, Cuba is sitting on five offers, but hasn't started to pare down his list. "I have five offers I think. They're from Nebraska, UTEP, Texas Tech, Texas A&M and Missouri. I haven't really narrowed things down at all yet."

The rest of the summer consists of working out and the state tournament on July 14. Beyond that though, Cuba doesn't have anything else planned. "I don't have any summer plans to visit anywhere or take in any camps. I haven't set up any official visits yet either."

Cuba also hasn't given much thought to where he will take his officials. At least not enough to set any. But, if he had his way he would know of three schools that he would take visits to.

"I would like to take visits to Texas A&M, Texas Tech and probably Nebraska."

Texas A&M and Texas Tech all share a bit of a distance advantage over Nebraska, but does that matter to Cuba? "Distance isn't a consideration, so Texas A&M and Tech don't have that advantage over Nebraska."

Cuba said that Nebraska has been after him hard and admitted that the coach from Nebraska has been doing a very good job recruiting him.

"Coach Jordan is recruiting me from Nebraska. He's their running back coach. He's really cool to talk to. He's been doing a good job."

Another advantage that Nebraska might have over some of the other schools is that Nebraska is recruiting two players from Lee. Both players are looking at Nebraska heavily. "Jacob Amie and I are considering taking a visit to Nebraska on the same weekend."

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