A new school looking at Noah Keller

While Nebraska might not have bellied up with a full offer to Kearney High's Noah Keller, there's a couple of schools who figured Noah fit exactly what they wanted for the future. Colorado State and Ohio both now have officially offered Keller a full ride. But there's another school on the horizon, which may offer soon. And if they do, that could change Keller's recruiting picture completely.

When Noah Keller attended the Nike combine at the University of Oregon, it was both good and bad timing. Good in that it's hard to beat the weather in Oregon in July, but bad in that July means coaches from around the country couldn't attend.

That's a bit of a worry when you are someone like Noah Keller, who is trying as much as he can to get his name out there to schools. Sometimes you simply have to rely on a good word being spread about here and there.

That could be a big reason for the offers from Colorado State and Ohio, coaches becoming aware of Keller and liking what they saw enough to offer full rides. But for a top 15 program like Oregon, it would take a little more than that.

Fortunately for Keller, he had a convenient audience. "One of the coaches' kids was also a linebacker at the camp, so they got a chance to see me compete too," Keller said. "They just started showing a lot of attention recently, but right now it's looking pretty good."

Depending on which publication you look at, Oregon is considered to be anywhere from a top 15 to a top five program this season. It was only an upset loss to Oklahoma, which soured what was overall a really good year, the Ducks finishing the season 10-2.

And needless to say, it's not just the record of the team, which has Keller's attention. "Their facilities have to be top of the line or real close," Keller said of Oregon's famed facilities, mostly funded by Oregon alum and chairman of Nike Phillip Knight. "The campus is great and the coaches seem real sincere."

That sincerity matters, of course, because as a recruit, you could get done talking to a coach and come off thinking that the guy just tried selling you a pair of shoes. Not with the Oregon coaches, though, as Keller said he thought this group was telling him like it is. "They seem real excited and I don't know if they are going to offer, but it is sounding pretty good," he said. "Oregon would be a big offer too, because they have great academics and they are probably going to be a top 10 program this year."

Obviously, Keller can't say what an offer will mean until he sees it for himself, but he admitted that Oregon has a lot of luster to its program. Regardless of that luster, though, Keller is and has been resigned to his recruiting fate being determined not in the off-season, but once his final prep season begins. "I figure I'll just how to go out and do my best and see what happens, but I feel good about what can do and even more, what our team can do this year," he said.

"I'm not worrying about recruiting, because there's no reason to. I am just taking it as it goes."

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