BRR Sunday Chat with Anthony Blue

It's not often that you the fan get a chance to ask questions to future or even current Huskers. Well, now you can. Through a moderator in our regular Sunday chats you get your chance to ask questions to current Husker commits. And tonight's commit was defensive back Anthony Blue. Check out your questions and his answers in our transcript of the Sunday night Q&A.

Check out our transcript of the fan Q&A with one of the latest Husker commits, defensive back Anthony Blue. recruiting analyst Andrew Bone served as the moderator for this chat, relaying fan questions to Blue and relaying his responses to the fans. SteveRyan:: Let's see some questions for Anthony Blue

kcsker:: What has impressed him most about Nebraska
[AndrewBone] (Anthony Blue) :: the academic program
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: getting to meet w/ the academic advisors

oldfather:: What do you plan on majoring in college?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: major: theatre arts/broadcasting

reddozer1:: Are you currently recruting players in Texas for NU?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: I have a list.

dskurz:: what school were you most surprised by the offer?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: surprised offer: most of them
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: three biggest: Nebraska, Wisconsin, Purdue

reddozer1:: Can you tell us who some of the players are?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: Brandon Herron from Sugarland, Texas

NUatChicago:: What did the coaches promise to you?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: when I committed...100% behind me if anything happened during the season.

reddozer1:: Who is the best high school player in Texas you have gone up against?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: teammates give me the most challenges, several will sign D-1

SteveRyan:: Anthony, as defensive backs are getting bigger, did you initially worry about your size affecting your recruiting?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: size: not really...I talked w/ my brother/playing corner size doesn't really matter.

waupaca:: How tall are you really?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: 5-10.5

NUatChicago:: Did the coaches ask you to do anything special during the season, such as be careful to avoid injuries and get good grades, or whatever?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: during the not really/work hard...keep my head on straight

Blackshirts98:: do you talk to the coaches every week
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: talking to coaches: we text a lot

ISUforNU:: Anthony, given the vast size of Texas and the recruiting of UT, do other HS players as yourself welcome the offers/attention from out of state schools such as NU?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: yes..offers welcomed....out-of-state....I had planned to go out-of-state. I moved to Texas...going into 3rd grade.

kcsker:: Question: Has he had a chance to talk with any current players?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: current players: they email me/have not talked on the phone

oldfather:: What do you feel is the strongest part of your game?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: strongest part of your game: like to play physical

OLDSCH00L:: Anthony: what type of coverge do you specifically play in most - Man or Zone? Also do you normally play 5 yards off the WR, 10 yards off the WR, bump/press the WR at the LOS, etc?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: man-to-man...two yards seven yards

Chaz4NU:: Question: After your commitment to NU did you get any negative feedback? From other programs, teammates, classmates? Was it dificult to commit to NU?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: no negative feedback/all were very excited.

zls70:: what number do you want to wear at NU?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: number: #10

dskurz:: any nicknames?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: nicknames: "Blue"...and family calls me A.J.

SteveRyan:: What do you think will be the biggest challenge of playing Division 1-A football?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: biggest challenge: have to find out when I 1st step on the field...and I will be ready for them.

georgianhusker:: How much of NU's history do you know about? How familiar are you with the program?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: history...real familiar...watched all the time...heisman winners...national championships

oldfather:: Have you visited Lincoln yet?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: visit: went the week before my commitment

georgianhusker:: Anthony, what do you like the best about /looking forward to at NU?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: looking forward: a place where I can fit in..most comfortable/I think I fit in for the next four years.

OLDSCH00L:: Anthony: another question if you please. What is the strongest part of your cover skills and what part do you feel that you need to work on? Some examples that I was thinking of might be - speed, hip swivel action, physicality, WR route recognition, etc
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: skills to work on: coaches go through after watching film....keeping eyes in the backfield...I watch a lot of film...I work on everything...coaches go through after watching film.

[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: Nebraska has the best fans.. most consecutive sell-outs.

georgianhusker:: did any coaching personality stand out above the rest?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: coaching personality: all good coaches... the corner coach is good...lot of the experience at the college level.

oldfather:: Do you have a date picked out for your official visit?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: official visit date: no....will need to look at the schedule and figure out a home game to try set for official visit.

georgianhusker:: did you bond or get along with any of the current players on your visit?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: I don't know any personally.

Chaz4NU:: Anthony did the coaches tell you you would play this year or redshirt?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: they have not said anything about redshirt...if I can show them I am ready to play and they will give me that opportunity.

OLDSCH00L:: Anthony: do you feel that you'll need to bulk up a bit, or do you like where you're at now? If you do want to bulk up a bit, what weight would you like to get up to?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: bulk/weight: 172 now...I plan to get to 180.

georgianhusker:: anthony, if you could bring any one player from Texas with you, who would it be?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: player from Texas: Josh Thomas/teammate..he holds me accountable.

DarthHusker:: QUESTION: does he have a girlfriend? If so, how did that factor into decision?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: girlfriend...yes; no factor in my decision...she's an underclassman.

reddozer1:: Are his parents excited about his commit to NU?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: Parents; they are really dad was at UNLV...and he knows I have made a great choice.

oldfather:: What did you think of the new facilities and how did they factor into your decsion?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: facilities: old facilities were still top of the line...and now all are plusses...all together...the fields are comparison.

OLDSCH00L:: Anthony: how big of a deal was it for you personally to get your commitment out of the way before your senior season?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: early decision: big deal...and my mind was made up to be a Husker.

bobgro:: Anthony: Do you have any goals for your last year of playing in high school ball?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: goals: last year was 2nd team All-District, this year want to make 1st team; want five picks & return for touchdowns and make All-Area.

georgianhusker:: Anthony, what skill do you think is the most important for db's, speed, agility, strength?
[AndrewBone](Anthony Blue):: most important: have to play smart & fast/on an island...if you mess's six ready and play smart every play.

OLDSCH00L:: Anthony: thanks for stopping by tonight to answer questions. We'll look forward to seeing you next year.

Make sure to check out our Sunday chat next week (8 p.m. central time) if you missed this week as we will try and have another guest, giving you yet another opportunity to ask your questions of some of the future Huskers.

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