Location is important to Kerley

Nebraska has been hitting the state of Texas real hard on the recruiting trail and it seemed like they were in great shape with Jeremy Kerley at one time. This Texas athlete was looking at Nebraska early in the process, but has that changed?

There wasn't a more dominating defensive player in 19-3A last year than Jeremy Kerley. The 5-foot-10 and 175 pound safety from Hutto (Texas) is looking at a visit coming up and possibly the state seven on seven tournament this weekend.

"Yes sir, I think that I am heading to Texas A&M this Sunday," Kerley said. "I am not sure if we are qualified for state or not, but there is a mini-camp at College Station on Sunday."

There are some questions as to where Kerley might be best suited. He could play a number of different positions on the football field on either side of the ball.

"I have been playing a lot of offense and defense in seven on seven this summer. I only have had one drop on offense and probably 25-30 receptions."

"On defense I have been playing a lot of safety, but I have been trying to man up a little more. Teams are looking are me more to play safety, but I could play cornerback."

If it were up to Kerley, he knows which position he would like to play. However, it's about playing that really is the bigger picture. "I would prefer to play safety, but I just really want to play."

With A&M on the schedule for this weekend, he was supposed to make it to a campus before, but had a conflict. He is looking to take some more trips to the more immediate area and that could be read into that Kerley would like to stay a bit closer to home.

"I was supposed to head to TCU just recently, but I had to cancel because of a baseball tournament. I will hopefully get a chance to get up to Oklahoma one of these days. I will probably go to Baylor and Texas Tech too."

"If I was going to visit somewhere a little more out of the immediate area it would probably be to Nebraska. Location is pretty big to me and if you are in the state of Texas then you have a leg up on everyone else, but I am not going to overlook anything."

Distance is something that Kerley admits he will be looking at. However, if a good opportunity presents itself, regardless of where it is, it will be tough for Kerley to overlook it. "I am going to give everyone and equal look to not miss out on a good opportunity, but I would prefer to stay closer to home."

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